Why did COVID skip Papua New Guinea?

My wife’s Uncle suggested that I take a look at Papua New Guinea.  It took me a few days to get around to it but he was right, Papua New Guinea is very interesting.  Papua New Guinea is a nation of 9.4 million people scattered across 600 islands, the largest of which they share with Indonesia.  But it is not Papua New Guinea’s geography that makes them so interesting.  What makes them interesting is that COVID never really happened in Papua New Guinea.

Almost no one has died of COVID in Papua New Guinea.  Despite only a 3% vaccination rate and very light lockdowns, Papua New Guinea had one of the lowest COVID death totals in the world.  The only country that shares a land border with Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, used 25 times as many vaccine doses and had 7 times more deaths.  Canada, where Prime Moron Justin Trudeau claims to have saved every Canadian from COVID by freezing bank accounts, had 20 times as many COVID deaths.  I guess Trudeau’s goons, the RCMP, just did not beat enough truckers.

Is Papua New Guinea’s success solely due to not transferring wealth to Pfizer?  Undoubtable that helped but there was something else going on as well.  Since before 2017 Papua New Guinea has been struggling with an outbreak of Lymphatic Filariasis, a disease caused by parasitic worms.  Guess what they were using to treat the parasites; Ivermectin.  Ivermectin is so commonly used in Papua New Guinea that, much to the chagrin of the local COVIDiots, doctors were also prescribing it to treat COVID.

Papua New Guinea is just one more example of how Ivermectin out performs the COVID vaccines.  Every highly vaccinated country had more problems with COVID after vaccination than before vaccination.  The COVID vaccines are the first Vaccine in history to increase the prevalence of the disease.  By contrast regular use of Ivermectin controls COVID so well that it is hardly noticeable.

Wealthy Countries like Canada employ armies of doctors and researchers in public health.  What the hell are they doing if they are not studying countries like Papua New Guinea?  How could they not notice how badly they were being outperformed by countries with completely different approaches?  Tragically, the answer to that question is that they did notice; they just did not do anything about it.

Millions of people died from COVID because governments refuse to use proven effective treatments.  These are intentional decisions that resulted in millions of deaths.  How is this not mass murder?