We have not yet reached the bottom of the Dumb Ages

Every single COVID mitigation measure was stupid almost beyond belief.  Not a single thing we did had even the slightest chance of working but each one of them carried significant risk.  It was shocking how easily people accepted such dangerous, unscientific, nonsense.  From a public health perspective the COVID pandemic response was a disaster.  From a political policy perspective it was a rousing success.  Politicians got exactly what they wanted.  They were able to eliminate those pesky human rights and transfer our money to their friends.

The thing about success is that it spawns imitators.  Because we accepted stupid COVID restrictions we can expect more stupid climate policies and it does not get any more stupid than this.  The UN is considering a proposal to use SO2 to block the sun’s energy.  There are a couple reasons why this proposal is gigantically stupid and dangerous.  To start, SO2 is toxic.  This is what the CDC and the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety have to say about SO2.

Exposure to very high levels of sulfur dioxide can be life threatening. Exposure to 100 parts of sulfur dioxide per million parts of air (100 ppm) is considered immediately dangerous to life and health.

Inhalation: VERY TOXIC, can cause death. Can cause severe irritation of the nose and throat. At high concentrations: can cause life-threatening accumulation of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema). Symptoms may include coughing, shortness of breath, difficult breathing and tightness in the chest.

The high toxicity of SO2 was one of the reasons we have spent billions to keep it out of the atmosphere.

Having been assured that sulfur dioxide was bad for us, we spent billions of dollars eliminating it from coal and oil-burning emissions and building sulfur-capture technology to keep SO2 out of the atmosphere.

Now, it turns out that sulfur dioxide is good for us, and we need to spend even more untold billions to inject it into the atmosphere.

The science was settled until someone could make money from re-writing it, but that is not what concerns me most.  What concerns me most is total planetary extinction.  The earth cannot exist without energy from the sun.  Blocking that energy is extremely dangerous and unlike CO2 this could lead to the calamities Greta Thunberg dreams of.  In short, just like Greta, this is insane.

What we are told is climate science is actually political science.  The real science says there is no downside to higher CO2 concentrations.  The political science says there is real power from controlling energy and scaring people with fraudulent science is the best way to achieve that goal.  Just as COVID policies were never about a virus, climate policies are never about the climate.  Climate change is just a very convenient political tool and that is why the whole farce is driven by politicians cherry picking data.


John Kerry is a career politician not a scientist.  I sincerely doubt he could pass grade school science but that does not stop him from being a climate czar.   In that short clip Tomas Massie shows that the czar has no clothes.  Thomas Massie correctly shows it is easy to use incomplete data to scare people.  Climate charlatans always pick the lowest point and extrapolate up from there.  We keep getting told that CO2 is now higher than the last 800,000 years but the earth is 4.5 billion years old.  That means for 99.98% of the earth’s history CO2 was higher than it is now.  Kerry also neglects to tell people that while CO2 was lower the temperature was both hotter and colder than it is now.

CO2 is not a thermostat we can use to set the earth’s climate.  Even if we could no one can agree on what temperature to set it at.  As a Canadian I would definitely prefer a higher setting but I doubt I could get people in desert regions to agree.  Climate change policies have nothing to do with controlling the climate and preserving the earth for future generations.  Climate change policies are about controlling us and preserving wealth for the ruling class and their heirs.

Indeed, as Deutsche Bank’s Eric Heymann has noted, massive reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions can only come at the cost of declining middle-class standards of living, even in countries that were hitherto widely prosperous. To achieve this reversal, Heymann suggests, ‘a certain degree of eco-dictatorship will be necessary’.

That sounds pretty definitive to me.  They are not just planning to take money from me; they also plan to take democracy from me.  After 3 years of COVID arguable I don’t have any democracy left to take but I would still like to preserve what is left.  I certainly would also like to preserve what little bit of wealth I have been able to accumulate over 35 years of work.  But most of all I would like to keep the sunlight.

The climate emergency is another fake emergency concocted by dishonest, professional politicians.  If we want to save the earth we do not need less CO2 or less sunlight.  All we need is fewer politicians.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Richard, you may have inadvertently understated the ridiculousness of Kerry’s claim. The level of CO2 hasn’t been higher than now for 82% of earth’s history, it’s been higher for 99.982% of the time. (1-.8/4500).

    Let’s compare to a human lifespan of 79 years:
    The CO2 level has been higher than now for the first 78 years and 360 days.
    We have had low CO2 levels only for the last 5 days.
    CO2 has risen back up in just the last 27 seconds to what it was 5 days ago.
    Oh, the horror!

    Great post Richard.

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