Beyond Stupid

The airline industry is in shambles right now.  Cancelled fights are becoming routine.  The airlines are blaming the cancellations on scheduling problems but that really isn’t true.  It does not matter how carefully you schedule you cannot schedule flights with pilots you don’t have.  The pilot shortage was caused by the COVID vaccines.  Some pilots quit rather than take it while many more are no longer fit to fly because they did take it.

In the US the Federal Aviation Administration broke their own rules by mandating pilots get vaccinated.  Prior to COVID pilots were not allowed to take any medication that was not fully approved by the Food and Drug Commission (FDC).  An emergency use authorization was not acceptable.  By the older rules pilots would not be allowed to take the COVID jabs even if they wanted to.  But with COVID that all changed.  Pilots were not just allowed to take an experimental treatment they were forced to take it.  They even went so far as to threaten pension benefits for any pilot who chose to retire rather than take chances with their health.

The government then really turned up the heat.  I received two separate phone calls, one from my supervisor and the other from my Union Representative.  In both calls, I was advised that if I retired to avoid the disciplinary period, that an unspecified amount of my retirement annuity could be confiscated. 

The FAA forced their pilots to take an unnecessary chance and now everyone is paying the price.  There are simply not enough healthy pilots to fill all the vacancies but, not to worry; the FAA has come up with an innovative solution.  They just redefined healthy.  Now pilots with vax damaged hearts are allowed to fly.  This is a sure recipe for disaster.  Vax damaged hearts can stop so quickly young men have died sitting upright in a chair.

What if he had been sitting at the controls of a jet instead of at home in his kitchen?  How many people would he have taken with him?

It is easy to imagine accidents caused by the sudden death of a pilot but it does not take sudden death to cause an accident a moment of confusion is enough for that.


The lipid nanoparticles can cross the blood brain barrier.   Only a fool would think that this could not affect cogitative abilities.  In fact Brain fog was one of the first vaccine injuries documented.

It appears for common, everyday activity most people don’t notice much of an impact. On the other hand, people who have to make regular critical technical decisions on the job may find a lack of clarity an uncomfortable intrusion.

We were told the brain fog was temporary or that it was caused by long COVID.  But like everything else about COVID this was a lie.  The Brain fog in some cases does not appear to be temporary and long COVID is a vaccine injury.  None of this happens without the vaccine.

Pilot and air traffic controller are two of the highest stress occupations anyone can do.  Both require strong hearts and clear heads.  People can die when pilot or a controller has a medical emergency or even a moment of confusion.  Forcing pilots and controllers to take a treatment that damages hearts and cognitive ability is beyond stupid.

Unfortunately the only thing that exists beyond stupid is government.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    People don’t realize how dependent the global economy is on pilots. Flying to your vacation spot is a tiny fraction of air traffic. Moving goods and people fast and efficiently is critical. Time is money.

    And even for vacation flying: when planes start crashing on the way to vacations, that might decimate the vacation industry.
    Or maybe not. Most people were ok risking their lives by taking an untested chemical to protect themselves against the sniffles.

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