COVID’s Silver Lining

Almost 4 weeks ago a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine.  The media was very interested for a few moments until someone explained that it was in Ohio and not the Middle East.  With nothing they could blame on Israel the media turned their attention back to the Ukraine where they can blame everything on Putin.

It wasn’t just the media that ignored East Palestine.  The entire American government also worked very hard to be anywhere but East Palestine.  Joe Biden flew half way around the world with another bag of cash for Zenensky just to avoid going to East Palestine who’s residents did not have the foresight to pay Hunter Biden.  Politicians who did not completely ignore East Palestine generally showed up for long enough to drink a glass of water and assure the residents that they are safe, but no one in East Palestine buys that.

For the past two weeks, Ohio’s Republican governor Mike DeWine has also tried to reassure the public that their water is safe to drink and their air is safe to breathe. On Tuesday, he made home visits in the town and drank the tap water to prove it.

But few people here trust the authorities.

Funny how that works isn’t it?  For 3 years the government lied about COVID and now no one trusts the government.  It is normal for Government to lie but it was never normal for everyone to be aware government was lying.  Pre-COVID most people had a naïve trust of government which was odd considering the terrible things government has done in the past.  Post COVID, however, that has all changed.  The COVID lies were so egregious even the most gullible are starting to question government.

It is a little odd to think that the COVID hysteria and accompanying government tyranny had a silver lining but in a way it did.  COVID woke up a lot of people to the nature of government.  Trust has been destroyed and that is a good thing because government never deserved that trust.  Government is a necessary evil.  We can’t get rid of it so we need to keep it on a very short leash and question every decision it makes.

The COVID narrative is finally being questioned and I hope that spills over to climate change.  For 3 years Government told us they were carefully following the COVID science yet they still managed to be wrong 100% of the time.  For more than 3 decades we have heard the same thing about climate change.  What do you think the odds are that they got that one right?

After 3 years of COVID people should know the answer to that.  The climate emergency is a lie.  Everything the government/media has told you about it is a lie.  The only difference between the COVID emergency and the climate emergency is that the government has been lying about climate change for much longer than they have been lying about COVID.  They have been lying about Climate change for so long that the lies have wormed their way into schools where they are presented as fact.

Education is another area where balance has been replaced by hysteria-inducing propaganda. Children shown demonstrating on the news are often borderline hysterical. No doubt their teachers didn’t bother to tell them that man-made global warming is a theory not a proven fact, and that it’s okay to talk about different opinions.

On the surface the Climate emergency and COVID emergency might seem to be unrelated but they are not.  They are both manufactured crises that government uses for the same purpose.  COVID was a great excuse for government to transfer your wealth to their billionaire friends and so is climate change.

Biden’s green energy grants are going to groups funded by the same people who poured money into dark money groups that helped get Biden elected

President Joe Biden’s taxpayer-funded push to build a “clean energy economy” is benefiting the left’s most prominent billionaire megadonors, including Bill Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

Nothing that the government does for your safety really is for your safety.  It is all done for the benefit of government and their rich friends.  Pre-COVID far too few people understood that, but things are changing.  COVID has resulted in a slow awakening.  Many more people now understand the true nature of government.  They understand that if it comes from government, the safe assumption is that it is a lie.