They might not be Smart but they Knew

Someone in the UK has leaked WhatsApp messages between key cabinet ministers and bureaucrats.  The messages show that the UK government knew COVID was not really a problem and the lockdowns were not needed or justified.  Below is one particularly revealing exchange involving then Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Minister Matt Hancock.

This exchange shows they all understood COVID was not a serious problem but they were determined to concoct an excuse for lockdowns.  Boris Johnson even admitted seniors would not likely agree with shutting down the economy over a highly survivable flu.  That was why they never gave anyone a choice.  To me, the most remarkable thing about this exchange was the decision to shut down the economy was made by a man that did not know 0.04 and 4% is the same thing.  Boris Johnson felt qualified to play god with lives and he is not even capable of grade school math.  That encapsulates COVID in a nut shell don’t you think?

They clearly knew what they were doing was wrong yet they did it anyway.  Obviously their objective with the lockdowns had nothing to do with mitigating COVID.  Their real motivation was rooted in criminal corruption.  Not surprisingly they don’t want us to know that.  Instead they would rather that we just forget what they did.


I for one will never forget or forgive what they did.  They destroyed lives.  The constant fear mongering and lies resulted in mental illness.  Some people were so afraid of cold and flu season they isolated themselves and lived in squalor.  When fear was not enough the government stepped in to remove choice.  This elderly couple was forced to remain apart for a full year.


Forget about asking them about the economy; what do you think this couple would have said about losing a year together at the end of their lives?  What if one of them had died during their enforced isolation?  How could anyone think that this was the right thing to do?  The absolute cruelty of this is unforgivable and this is not even the worst thing government did.  This couple was lucky the government didn’t just euthanize them.


None of what they did can be justified.  The only science they were following was political science.  They destroyed lives with absolutely no remorse.  They had their own selfish motivation for all of this.  In time I am certain we will find that the motivation was money.  Do not forget and do not forgive.  Anything these sociopaths get away with they will do again.

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  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    Exactly, the text exchange shows instead how much of a dumbass the leader of a country is to have to be explained the difference between 0.04 and 4%.

  2. Jason
    Jason says:

    Judging by how normal society feels at the moment, I have a feeling many people have forgotten about what happened the last 3 years. I hope I am wrong.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    The only good thing the whole scam did for some of us is allowed us to see how many stupid people are really out there. The number is higher than I ever imagined. Now govts have moved on to their next scam, supporting a bunch of neo nazis in Ukraine who are killing their own country men and blaming it on Putin while laundering billions upon billions of dollars through the most corrupt country in the world. I think It’s time for a complete purge of all governments.

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