The Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in History

The entire COVID pandemic response was not just misguided it was criminal.  Not a single mitigation measure forced on the public worked but each one came with enormous cost.  Some caused financial calamity while others caused injury and death.  COVID should have been a laughable easy “emergency” to handle.  Almost all the deaths were in nursing homes.  All the people in need of protection were gathered together in easily identifiable locations but instead of focusing on these locations government closed fitness facilities and playgrounds.

Government took a small problem and through either incompetence or malice turned it in to a large problem.  In the last 3 years more people were killed by government than were killed by COVID.  In short everything done by government in the last 3 years deserves contempt but nothing was more disgusting than experimenting on pregnant women.

Young women and children had a statistically zero risk from COVID.  There was absolutely no reason to give them an experimental treatment but government did anyway.  We are now seeing the results of this heinous decision.  Still births in some locations have doubled while miscarriages and conception issues are increasing everywhere.


Women took the Jabs after being re-assured that they were safe.  There was no possible way anyone administering the jabs could have known the jabs were safe because they were never tested on pregnant women or women trying to conceive.


The Jab manufacturers actually started trials on pregnant women but the trials were suspended.  There simply was no sense running a trial when governments were already injecting millions of pregnant women.  Government made the decision to inject pregnant women without waiting for the results of the trials and for some bizarre reason medical professionals went along with this disastrous decision.  In Doctor Thorpe’s words this is “the greatest violation of medical ethics in history”.  I really can’t argue with that.