Evil only needs to win once

Does this look familiar?  It reminds me of something I saw exactly 2 years ago.

Does this look normal to you?  This suggests someone or some group was watching the voting machines in real time.  They realized if present trends continue Walker would overtake Warnock so they bumped Warnock’s votes and adjusted the algorithm to make the trends equal so that Walker could never overtake Warnock.  To be clear I do not know if this is what happened.  It is just very suspicious that the tally and trend both changed right when Warnock needed them to.  Someone was looking out for Warnock and I doubt it was god.

I find it hard that the average person accepts that every electronic device they own is hackable yet still believe voting counting machines are secure.  Voting machines are far from secure and we have known that for a very long time.  A friend sent me this article from 2012 detailing problems with the voting machines.  The author, Victoria Collier, is very left wing and chooses to dwell only on Republican efforts to cheat.  The reality is that both sides will cheat if given the chance.

My wife hates it when I say it but humans are a disgusting animal; we lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.  Politicians are a very distinct subset of humans who demonstrably possess less moral inhibitions than the average completely fallible human.   It is rare then to find a politician unwilling to cheat.  So it comes down to which side has the most opportunity to cheat.  Even though Victoria chooses to ignore it, the obvious advantage goes to the left.

With time government Bureaucracies always drifts left.  People who get paid by government tend to believe deeply in the righteousness of government.  In short they are communists.  If they were not they would quit and go to work in the productive economy.  They likely would never have applied for the job in the first place.

The bureaucrats control election mechanics and they are ideologically left.  This makes it very easy for left wing politicians to cheat.  They have a willing bureaucracy behind them.  The red wave did not happen and things only go downhill from here for average Americans.  In 2 years the president will not be Trump or DeSantis; it will be whoever the democrats choose as their candidate.

I really don’t know what the solution is.  The left grows like mold everywhere.  The United States has a constitution specifically written to limit government power and it has not worked.  The bureaucracy has grown and is drifting left just as it has done in countries like Canada.  All the US constitution has done is slowed the growth a little.  In time the US will be no different than Canada; a country where the Prime Minister accepts cash from China to his retirement fund masquerading as a charity.

It seems the only thing that ever stops the left is total economic collapse.  Then things reset and we get about 40 year reprieve while the mold grows again.