Killing Canada’s health care system one Doctor at a time

A friend sent me this interview a couple days ago.  Dr. Makis is a Canadian doctor sounding the alarm about how many Canadian doctors have become victims of sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  Health care in Canada is socialized.  Very little private health care is allowed and all hospitals are run by the provincial governments.  Canadian doctors are in a terrible position.  If they want to keep their hospital privileges they must be vaccinated and boosted.

This makes Canadian doctors a very interesting test case.  They are a small easily identifiable group that has all received at least one booster.  Many have received more than one booster.  According to my government this should easily be the healthiest group of people on the planet.  It is very difficult then to explain why twice as many doctors have died so far in 2022 compared to pre-vaccine years.  Doctors under 40 have died at 5 times the pre-vaccine rate.


When it comes to sudden death and stupidity the Canadian Government is still the undisputed pound for pound world champion.