We need to Remember how badly we have failed Canadian Youth

Justin Trudeau will not be in Canada for Remembrance Day.  Given his contempt for “old Stock” Canadians that is probably a good thing.  The day is set aside to remember the sacrifices those “old Stock” Canadians made.  He would likely be not be able to keep his disgust off his face for the few minutes the ceremony takes.  It is a much better idea for him to get drunk and sing karaoke in a Cambodian bar.  Justin is not the only Canadian who will be absent this year.  Most Canadians will be present in body but not in spirit, that is just how Canadians role in 2022.

Canada made significant contributions to both world wars and the Korean War.  When it came to fighting tyranny Canadians punched above their weight; a small country that played a very large role.  That was then; this is now.  The children and Grandchildren of the men who died for freedom are not made of the same material.  Those men were made of iron; today’s Canadian men are made from Soy.

More than 100,000 Canadian soldiers died to preserve our rights and freedoms.  The ancestors of those brave men honored their sacrifice by surrendering all those rights to the government without eve a whimper.  Canada was a strong independent nation; we are now a vassal state of China unable to perform even the most simple of tasks.

There was a time when Canadian men would die to protect their families.  Now they won’t even object when the government masks and injects their children.  The only bright spot for our country’s future is that young people have finally had enough and have started to push back.  It seems the University of Waterloo is having a hard time forcing masks back on their students.

I don’t know where these students got their crazy ideas of individual rights; it was certainly not from their parents.  I am sure their masked and boosted parents are mortified by their offspring’s callous disregard for public safety.  But, while their parents are wondering where they went wrong their great grandparents are smiling down on them with approval.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree, todays men are too soft. Hell, they won’t even educate themselves the slightest amount about what’s really going on in their shitty country and get off their asses to vote against it. So really there’s zero chance they’ll ever fight for their freedoms.

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