Lockdowns are as dangerous as Politicians

This morning I found another article detailing the futility of COVID restrictions.  Countries that went full Nazis did no fare any better than those who did not.  In fact the relationship is backwards.  The strictest lockdowns resulted in the highest excess deaths.

Excess deaths are the only yardstick by which to measure success because COVID deaths are meaningless.  That may sound harsh to families who lost someone to COVID but it is also undeniably true.  COVID deaths are a fictitious number.  Politics determined whether COVID was listed as the cause of death.   Even if we could trust the COVID designation on a death certificate it would still be of secondary importance.  COVID deaths are not somehow more tragic than other deaths.  If Lockdowns saved people from COVID at the expense of even more non COVID deaths then they still did not work.

Despite the mounting evidence that lockdowns do more harm than good Politicians still love them.  This is largely due to the fact that Politicians also do more harm than good.  Lockdown proponents will point to New Zealand and Australia as lockdown successes.  Their harsh measures appeared to curb both COVID and Excess deaths.  To politicians this is evidence that public health success comes only with complete suspension of all rights.

New Zealand and Australia are not proof that Lockdowns work.  There are just proof that even when lockdowns work they don’t work.  At best they only delay the inevitable.  You cannot hide from a virus forever.  Both excess deaths and COVID deaths are soaring right now in both countries.  Not surprisingly the deaths correlate closely to their vaccination programs.

Lockdowns don’t work and are dangerous.  The Jabs don’t work and are dangerous.  Politicians don’t work and are dangerous.  Since politicians are responsible for lockdowns and Vaccines I am a little confused.  Does this trio count as 3 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse or just one?