Lockdowns are not Possible Without Our Flawed Emergency Regulations

Yesterday I discussed how lockdowns do not work because they do not change the behavior of sick people.  Sick people already self-isolate.  Quarantining healthy people is the worst, most destructive idea since communism.  There was no reason to believe that lockdowns would work yet politicians instituted them anyway.

When rational people pointed out the severely flawed logic behind lockdowns, politicians invented asymptomatic transmission.  The logic behind this is even worse.  If I do not have enough virus to make me sick, I do not have enough virus to make anyone else sick.  This is typical left-wing politics.  Piling one irrational excuse on another until people stop complaining.

Of course, we now have proof that this virus is not different than other viruses.  It rarely transmits asymptomatically.  We also have multiple papers showing the futility and extreme costs of lockdowns.  The link below has a list of 32 papers on lockdown failures and 18 papers on the cost.


The latest paper was published in Nature a few days ago.  It found that 98% of the time lockdowns failed completely.  The science is now clear.  Lockdowns are enormous pain for absolutely no gain.

The science is clear.  Millions of people were negatively impacted by politicians.  Politicians destroyed and even took lives.  Don’t you think we should finally start following the science?  The science I would like to follow is behavioral science.  My theory is that if we throw all these bastards in prison the next guy might think twice about lockdowns.

Human behavior can be highly variable.  I can say with a great deal of certainty that throwing Jason and his cohorts in jail will not be enough.  There will always be a politician who thinks he can get away with another lockdown.  Politicians and bureaucrats will always err on the side of tyranny.  The complete control offered by lockdowns will be irresistible to them.

We cannot just remove the people who have caused this.  We also must remove their ability to ever do it again.  The source of their unchecked powers is the emergency declaration.  Every level of government has some sort of emergency legislation.  When an emergency is declared the government can override any legislation that they want.  This includes the charter of rights.

An emergency declaration turns a politician in to a king.  He can do what he wants indefinitely.  All he must do is keep extending the emergency declaration.  The legislation in Alberta does not require the premier to prove there is an emergency.  The Evil Troll declared an emergency after 3 positive cases.  He has continually renewed the emergency declaration.  This farce has been going on for a year now.  At the peak we had 920 people in hospital.  0.02% of the population in hospital is not an emergency.

Alberta did not have an emergency last Mach when the emergency was declared.  We do not have an emergency now.  At no time between then and now have we had an emergency.  Yet somehow, we are still in a state of emergency and businesses are still closed.

Clearly, these emergency acts need to change.  My proposal would be that the initial declaration can last only 4 weeks.  This can be extended by 8 weeks with a majority vote.  After 12 weeks the emergency can only be extended in 4 week increments.  Each extension requires a unanimous vote.  No one can abstain from voting.  If we had a real emergency a unanimous vote would be easy.  I doubt our fake emergency could have received a single unanimous vote.  The lockdowns would have been over in 12 weeks.  39 weeks short of where we are now.

Only 2 leaders in North America resisted locking down.  They were both republican governors in the United States.  The United States had 2 politicians who were not evil.  2 non evil politicians is 2 more than our country could produce.  Other US politicians are starting to see the evil in their ways and taking steps to reform.  They are finally removing restrictions.  This joyous video comes from Idaho where all restrictions were removed last week.  It is the best thing I have seen in months.  Enjoy.


I can’t wait for the first mask burning in Canada.  I have a few suggestions for what else we can throw on the pyre.

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