COVID 19 is Just a Tool for the Tyrannical Left

This Democratic senator from Texas is very concerned about Texas lifting coronavirus restrictions.

Dem Rep. Gonzalez on FL Outperforming States with Strict Restrictions: Seems Like ‘Luck’ ‘of a Coin Toss’ (

When he was questioned about the success Florida had without drastic restrictions he attribute it to luck.  Florida is the exception to the rule.  Without masks and lockdowns everyone in Texas would be dead already.  Unless they moved to Florida then, through some kind of divine intervention, they would be just fine.

Occam’s razor says the right answer is the one that requires the least assumptions.  The simple answer is the best answer.  What happened in Florida is not proof of divine intervention.  It is proof the strict regulations were never necessary.  Places with mask mandates are indistinguishable from places without mandates.  This is not proof that masks worked and something unusual happened where there were no masks.  It is Proof masks do not work; plain and simple.

Denial of reality is a fundamental aspect of left wing politics.  Leftists will always deny what they see with their eyes if it contradicts their preconceived ideas.  Another fundamental principal of the left is that things should be judged on their intent not their outcome.  Masks and lockdowns are inherently good because their intent was to protect people.  Therefore they should not be questioned.  The reality is that both measures are harmful.  Thankfully people on the left don’t have to acknowledge reality.  Being liberal means never having to say you are sorry.

Emphasizing Intent over outcome and ideals over reality make the lunatic left dangerous.  Unfortunately for severely normal people, those are not the most dangerous aspects of leftism.  The most dangerous tenant of left wing thinking is their embrace of Tyranny.  This unfortunate man saw this first hand as he was strip searched for eating ice cream.

This happened in Wales.  This man had to be tyrannized to protect the Welsh from a virus that has not produced any excess deaths in Wales.  In fact the current death rate in Wales is significantly below normal.  See the plot below from Euromomo.

To protect the health of the Welsh this man was justifiable strip searched for weaponizing Ice cream.  Perfectly justifiable right?

The Left is happily married to tyranny and violence.  They must be, none of their policies are every willingly adopted by normal people.  It only ever happens with the threat of violence.  Disagree with the lock down and you will be fined and strip searched.

When this madness began I told anyone who would listen that if we let them get away with this they we do it again.  Now we have the left suggesting that we use a lockdown every 2 years to fight climate change.

Climate change and the global COVID 19 pandemic are peas from the same liberal pod.  There is no evidence that climate does not change, or what is happening now is not normal.  Nor is there any evidence that Sars cov2 was a great plague.  The Left and the media (redundant I know) spend billions to convince the public that ordinary events are somehow extraordinary.  Of course extraordinary events require extraordinary government response, right?  Strange how the response to a virus is exactly the same as the response to the weather.  A complete loss of individual freedom and transfer of wealth.

Stop playing their stupid games.  Changing climate is normal.  There is not a period in all history when climate did not change.  COVID 19 is an ordinary seasonal virus.  In the absence of government, the death toll would have been much lower.  Stop pretending that viral deaths are 100% preventable.  More importantly stop pretending that deaths caused by government are acceptable.

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