2024 and it is Déjà vu all over again

Los Angeles County has mandated masks again.

Amid a significant rise in respiratory illnesses, all Los Angeles County healthcare facilities have reinstated a mask mandate.

The order is in direct response to a rising number of COVID-19 infections leading to hospitalizations and deaths, officials said Saturday.

Below are the terrifying COVID statistics that have put LA county officials in such a tizzy.

LA County has 9.5 million people so now a full 0.0072% of the population is in hospital with COVID.  Note the language in the table.  The 686 people in hospital last week were COVID positive.  That does not mean that they are in hospital from COVID.  It does not even mean that they have COVID.  All they have is a positive test something you can produce from testing almost anything.

Have we learned nothing over the last 4 years?  0.0072% of the population tests positive with a test that routinely produces false positives and restrictions are back?  How long before Newsome mandates jabs again?  You know those treatments that are definitely not vaccines and produce injuries almost immediately.


I know it is an election year and the Democrats desperately need a reason for mail in ballots but, seriously, are we going to go down this road again?  Is it worth altering your DNA just so the democrats can install another potted plant in the white house?