Arresting Fauci starts the Ball Rolling

When the origins of the SARS COV-2 virus were first questioned Anthony Fauci was adamant; the virus was naturally occurring.  His evidence was a paper that concluded the virus had no characteristics that would be expected if it had been engineered.  We now know that paper was junk science produced for and at the direction of Anthony Fauci.

This is the state of science in the 21st century.  Science is no longer a process of discovery it is now a tool of obfuscation.  The scientific process used to work like this.

  1. Observe some natural phenomena.
  2. Develop a hypothesis about the cause.
  3. Design an experiment or collect data to evaluate your hypothesis with emphasis on trying to disprove it.
  4. If the hypothesis is disproved, develop a new hypothesis and start again.
  5. If the hypothesis cannot be disproven wait for your theory to be accepted as a law decades or centuries after your death.

Following this process rarely leads to instant acknowledgement or remuneration but it is very good at advancing knowledge.  In the 21st century decisions are made based on feelings and consensus not knowledge so the scientific process has changed to reflect our knowledge phobic modern society.  It now goes something like this.

  1. A government bureaucracy decides on a policy to be pursued.
  2. Emotionally charged Lies are developed that would support the desired policy or outcome.
  3. A marketing campaign is developed and held in reserve.
  4. Ethically challenged people with science degrees are hired and given the conclusions along with a generous taxpayer funded grant.
  5. The “scientists” manipulate or fabricate data to support the conclusions.
  6. A paper is issued after peer review by people also receiving taxpayer funded grants.
  7. The previously developed marketing program is implemented again using gigantic amounts of taxpayer money.

This new process is usually fool proof.  Government officials like Fauci use it to cover their tracks after they do very disgusting things and, make no mistake about it, what Fauci did was disgusting.  He did not just finance the development of a new virus; he is part of the cabal that released it.

The evidence has always indicated that the virus was engineered.  Once everyone finally accepts that it will become apparent that the release was not accidental.  The evidence led me to that conclusion long ago.  That is why I wrote this nearly 2 years ago.

Why I believe this was not an accident.

Again I have no smoking gun but many things taken together make this the most likely explanation.  Even things that point to it being accidental still make sense if it was intentional.  Like the outbreak starting in China.  The logical argument is that the Chinese would not release the virus inside China.  The reality is that if China wanted to disguise their intentions, it had to be released in China.  If a virus common to Chinese Bats first appears in The US people will smell a rat (or in this case a bat).

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident. 

The evidence is also clear that China did not act alone.

The Chinese did not do this without help.  They had cooperation from the media and foreign governments; including senior members of the American bureaucracy.  It was not a coincidence that the media moved in lockstep.  They all ramped up panic with breathlessly ridiculous reporting.  Suppression of treatment information was aggressive and complete.

COVID was manufactured for the political and financial benefit of a small group of people that includes Anthony Fauci.  If you want to get to the bottom of it arrest one of them.  Anthony Fauci would be a good place to start.  He has been at the center of this from the very beginning.

An arrest of Fauci has two possible outcomes.

  1. The lying little weasel will sing and provide evidence on his co-conspirators.


  1. The cameras in the cell block will go down while the guards are asleep and Fauci will commit suicide by being strangled by another inmate.

I am OK with either outcome so what are we waiting for?

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