Controlling the Narrative to Control People

I saw this video again a few days ago.  I don’t know when the original dates from but it does not matter because everything he says was true then and it is still true now.  Climate change is a hoax and everyone in power knows that.


To be clear it is not a hoax that the climate is changing.  The earth is a very dynamic system; everything changes, even the position of the continents.  There has never been a time in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth where climate did not change.  Go ask any geologist.  The geologic record is full of evidence of climate change; sometimes very rapid climate change.

So climate change is happening.  That is not a hoax.  What is a hoax is that we can stop the climate from changing by restricting CO2.  In the grand scheme of climate CO2 is a minor factor.  Increasing CO2 from current levels will result mostly in faster plant growth.  A significant decrease in CO2 from current levels would result in the end of all life on earth.  You decide.

All of the prophets of climate doom know this.  I think Mark Steyn said it best when he said “I will start believing in climate change when the people in charge start behaving like they believe in climate change”.  My apologies to Mark Steyn, I am paraphrasing because I can’t find the original quote.  Steyn is 100% correct it is not just the bank executives that don’t believe coastal areas will be swamped.  None of the Climate Change Prophets do either.  Obama, Gore, Suzuki, and many others own beach front property.  If these people believed their own bullshit they would all live at high altitude in northern regions but they do not.

But it is true that sea level is rising.  It has been rising consistently by about 2.5 mm per year since the end of the little ice age in 1850.  At that rate it will take 400 years to rise only 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches). Sea level is rising so slowly that even small pacific islands have not lost any measurable amount of surface area.  So it would seem that reports of New York’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Coastal areas are not in imminent danger yet governments are enacting dangerously stupid climate policies in response to this nonexistent threat.  They are restricting food production and making it impossible for poor people to afford home heating.  Incredibly their policies even encourage slavery and child labor.


Government justifies these disgusting policies by calling climate change an existential threat which it clearly is not.  It is true however that many people believe climate change is an existential threat.  So how did that happen?  How did so many people come to believe in something so absurd?  After 3 years of COVID rational people know the answer to that.  It is not that difficult for a small group of people to fool the masses.  All you need is fear and fraudulent science.

When it comes to climate change the fraudulent science comes from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  The IPCC self identifies as the gold standard in science; they are trans-scientists.  The panel meets regularly to produce fraudulent reports on climate change.  They then release these reports to governments who produce the fear.

Governments produce the fear by disseminating the fraudulent IPCC reports internally with instructions for each agency to produce policy positions based on the fraudulent predictions.  The result is multiple agencies issuing alarming reports of what needs to be done to prevent imaginary doomsday scenarios.  The media then does their part by broadcasting each alarming report.  The public is inundated with reports from multiple agencies declaring climate change as the number one problem on earth.

Viola, there is now a consensus.  It seems that all of these agencies have independently arrived at the same conclusion but that is nowhere near true.  All of the secondary reports are based on a single fraudulent IPCC report.

The Trudeau government never ceases with this dishonest behavior and that is why CSIS (Canada’s version of the CIA) just released a report declaring that climate change is a national security threat and non-believers are potentially violent domestic terrorists.

A newly released analysis by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service also foresees an increase in ideologically motivated violent extremism from people who want to speed up climate change solutions and those more interested in preserving their current way of life

Trudeau is getting a lot of mileage out of fraudulent UN sponsored science.  Now anyone who disagrees with a carbon tax of $9/GJ on natural gas that sells for $3/GJ is obviously a terrorist.  They can expect CSIS to interrogate their neighbors and freeze their bank accounts.  The Trudeau Liberals next election slogan should be freezing to fight warming.

CSIS took the fraudulent predictions given to them by a proven habitual liar (Justin Trudeau) at face value.  That is a little surprising for a spy agency but it does explain how China gets away with rigging our elections and running their own police in Canada.  The fraudulent data was used to produce the alarming report Justin desired “proving” the dangers of climate change.

Extrapolating fraudulent data to a nightmare scenario does not prove anything but the report does show how frightfully naïve Canadians are about climate change.  CSIS actually admitted that the biggest problem with a warmer planet will be how attractive Canada becomes for immigration.

“Canada will likely be seen as a desirable place for future immigration flows, not only due to its stable economy and fundamental rights and freedoms, but also its significant freshwater and agricultural endowments and vast territory that offer options for mass relocation.”

Didn’t they just admit that a warmer earth benefits a northern nation like Canada?  Why would we do anything to prevent that?  Doesn’t that statement also insinuate that the effects of climate change can be mitigated by enforcing immigration laws?  I doubt that was the conclusion Justin wanted but it is one I can live with.

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