Risk Mitigation

The problem of excess deaths is simply too large to ignore anymore.  Many more people than normal are dying and that is not the only anomaly.  Abnormally high numbers of young people are dying and, inconveniently for the government, they are dying suddenly in front of cameras.


Government funded ‘experts” are quite perplexed by what could be causing this epidemic of sudden death.  So far they have only ruled out one variable but everything else is on the table.  Doctors have speculated that there could be a number of factors at play including;

  • People skipping doctors’ appointments
  • People not taking prescription drugs
  • Long COVID
  • Underfunded public health spending
  • Climate change

With so many possible causes, except of course the one we absolutely, positively know that it cannot be, finding a solution is very daunting indeed.  If I were a medical doctor I think I might look for a common denominator.  Perhaps we can start with the latest government statistics from the UK which shows this peculiar correlation.

It seems all the excess deaths are among the vaccinated.  Since we absolutely, positively, know that it cannot be the jabs this raises some interesting questions.  What is it about taking the Jab that makes people more likely to skip doctor’s appointments?  Could it be overconfidence in their superior health due to being more virtuous than people who did not take the Jab?  Is this overconfidence also to blame for them skipping medications?

And, what about Climate change?  Why are vaccinated people more susceptible to climate change?  Do they take crazy chances like going outside when the temperature is more than 1 degree above average?  Do they ignore hurricane evacuation orders or carelessly emit too much CO2?

Ultimately we may never know the answer to these important questions.  But, for now, I think we should take this data at face value.  Since vaccinated people are more susceptible to climate change and climate change is the biggest threat facing mankind, to me the answer is obvious.  If we want to mitigate the effects of climate change we should stop vaccinating.  We can figure out all the other stuff later.