One was a Pandemic, the other a Criminal Conspiracy

When the proper accounting is finally done for COVID it will show very few people died of COVID.  They did not die from their comorbidities either.  Most COVID fatalities were the result of medical malpractice.  Doctors were convinced, coerced, or compelled to use protocols that increased the number of people dying.  Over the last 3 year millions of people died unnecessarily.

That might be hard to believe but dying at the hands of a doctor is far more common than you think.  There is even a medical term for it.  An Iatrogentic injury is an injury caused by medical treatment.

IATROGENIC | English meaning – Cambridge Dictionary

(of a disease or problem) caused by medical treatment or by a doctor: Iatrogenic infections are responsible for thousands of deaths among hospital patients each .

It is not even unprecedented for doctors to collectively kill millions over a relatively short time as happened during the Spanish flu pandemic.  The Spanish flu hit at the end of WW1 in 1918.  21 million people died but what was most shocking was the number of young healthy soldiers who died.  Influenzas don’t normally kill the young and healthy so the death of otherwise healthy soldiers fueled panic.  Now 100 years later science is starting to realize those soldiers were not killed by the Spanish flu they were killed by Aspirin.

Aspirin had only been recently discovered and marketed.  Because Aspirin was good at reducing fevers doctors prescribed it liberally to treat the Spanish flu; too liberally as it turns out.  Military doctors were prescribing 8 to 32 grams per day.  The average size of a soldier in WW1 was 141.5 lbs.  A toxic dose of aspirin for a 141.5 lbs. man can be as little as 13 grams.  Many young men died due to medical malpractice.

To be clear, despite what the news tells you, COVID is not the Spanish flu.  The Spanish flu killed 18 times as many people on a population basis.  Still there are many parallels between what happened then and what is happening now.   People made decisions out of fear and many of those decisions were deadly.  There is however one fundamental difference between what happened in 1918 and what we are currently living through.  The Spanish flu occurred naturally and caught everyone off guard.  Doctors were forced to scramble.  COVID was engineered.  A group of conspirators built a virus, released it, and then controlled every aspect of how patients were treated.  In 1918 doctors tried to save patients.  During COVID doctors were forced to kill patients.

The Spanish flu was a serious pandemic made worse by medical errors.  COVID is a criminal conspiracy to commit murder for profit; big difference.

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    I’ll say what everyone’s thinking. How the hell are these criminals still waking up every day?

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