An Article everyone must read

I found an excellent article on Ivor Cummins’s twitter (@FatEmperor).  There is no doubt this article by Michael Bryant will be linked a thousand times today and it should be.  Please send it to all your friends to read.  Bryant methodically dissects how the COVID hysteria was started in Northern Italy.  COVID was a manufactured crisis and Northern Italy was chosen as the ideal spot to launch the fear campaign.  Not only was northern Italy an area of overall poor health, Italy also needed a crisis to cover up financial malfeasance.

Italy also had the motivation which becomes apparent once you understand the Covid story through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer.

A financially bankrupt country with a financial sector desperate for bailouts and a command structure run by central bankers made for a willing and compliant government.


Predators who saw their financial empires coming apart at the seams resolved to shut down society and loot the world in an attempt to salvage their crumbling financial empires.

In order not to solve the problems they created these financial predators needed a cover story.

A cover story big enough to disguise the countless financial crimes they committed and suppress the social problems they created.

That cover story magically appeared in the form of a “novel virus.”

The article is so good there were too many quotes to use.  I would have simply been copying the whole article.  I will end with one more however, since it reflects exactly what I have been saying on this blog for more than 2 years.  COVID was never an emergency.  It was government that did most of the killing.


The only pandemic was one of violent government and biomedical assault against people.

The evidence from Italy in 2020 exposes the official “Covid” narrative for what it is- a cold-blooded organized deception.

There was no pandemic.