When you spend Billions no one notices Missing Millions

A friend of mine sent me this unique business opportunity.  The province of Manitoba is about to auction off 105 visitation pods.  If you have never heard about a visitation Pod before you are likely not alone.  They are a uniquely COVID invention that I only discovered when my friend sent me this article.

Visitation pods were installed at Manitoba nursing homes so that people could visit their elderly relatives without entering the nursing home.  Essentially they are shipping containers wired with lights, ventilation and a heater.

The Pods are no longer needed, largely because they were never need but also because COVID fear is no longer necessary.  Since we are willing to accept permanent lockdowns in the form of 15 minute cities fraudulent COVID lockdowns are redundant.  The province of Manitoba is looking to sell the pods to re-deploy the capital into traffic bollards.

The province is not sure how much money the auction will raise but they are not worried because they got such a deal in the first place.  They proudly boast the pods only cost $695,000 each when the original budget was $805,000 each.  This is a prime example of government efficiency.  Provincial health bureaucrats only spent $73 million on 105 shipping containers when they expected to spend $85 Million.  In government accounting that is a savings of $114,000 per unit on wired shipping containers worth about $50,000 each.

Only government could spend $695,000 on an electrified shipping container.  Private enterprise would have done this far cheaper or likely not at all.  Many Canadians work in remote locations.  To accommodate workers in temporary remote locations companies rent fully equipped portable trailers designed to be easily moved and installed.  There are thousands of these in Canada that were not being used during the government enforced COVID stupidity.  They could have been rented for as little as $100/day.  To rent 105 for 2 years would have cost $766 thousand or about what the Manitoba government paid for 1 unit.

This is just one more example of colossal government waste but that is the point of a manufactured emergency.  An emergency is always a reason for government action and by government action I mean government spending.  No one questions spending when there is an emergency; something had to be done after all.  These shipping containers did not cost $695,000 each.  Even for government the cost was likely under $100,000.  The rest was syphoned off in to bank accounts of friends and family.

Politicians and senior bureaucrats create emergencies to supplement their incomes.  That is why we always have some sort of crisis that demands government intervention.  People in government make money from emergencies, both fake and real.  Their incentive is to prolong emergencies just as they did for 3 years with COVID.

Is it any surprise then that our policy is to prolong the Ukraine war and send money indefinitely?  Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on earth and we are sending just enough to keep them fighting while discouraging them from seeking peace.  The same bastards that manufactured the COVID emergency are now cynically encouraging Ukrainians to keep dying so the gravy train keeps rolling.

We may never know how much money was stolen using COVID as an excuse.  Certainly we will never know how much money is now being stolen in the Ukraine or how much each dead Ukrainian was worth to some western politician.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The government spent over $400 Billion on the Covid fraud. That money was stolen from current and future taxpayers and Canadians who have worked to save money. If you shoplift $100 you are banned from that store. If you steal a car, you get a couple years in prison. If you embezzle $1million, you get 10 years. If you steal 400,000 million like Trudeau, you get to go to parties with other thieves ( leaders) and laugh at all the rubes that allowed it.

  2. Derek
    Derek says:

    Poilievre recently was with his establishment buddiesTrudeau and Ford at a rally designed to sell Canadians on proxy war in Ukraine. He’s not a populist nor is he anti establishment.

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