Can a Professional Politician even understand Freedom?

During the COVID lockdowns Pierre Poilievre was the finance critic.  Every day he would stand up in parliament and question the Trudeau liberals about rampant, uncontrolled spending.  I thought this was useless because it did not address the economic elephant in the room which was the unnecessary lockdowns.  I emailed Poilievre and asked him why he was tip toeing around the root cause.  No one from his office bothered to respond.

So when Poilievre decided to run for leadership as a pro-freedom candidate I was skeptical.  He never said anything about freedom during the lockdowns.  It looked to me like it was just a convenient campaign slogan.  Nevertheless Poilievre toured the country promising to make Canada the freest country on earth.  I am not sure he is up to the task given that he can’t even convince his wife that freedom is important.

Poilievre is so new to the concept of freedom that he gets confused when other people talk about it.  That is likely why he decided to disparage freedom advocate Christine Anderson.  Unlike Poilievre, MEP Anderson was a very vocal opponent of COVID lockdowns.  I find it very difficult to take Poilievre’s freedom platform seriously after his remarks.  It seems his concept of freedom is a lot closer to Justin Trudeau’s than it is to mine.

In fact the more he speaks the more I realize how close he is to Trudeau and how far he is from me.  Recently Poilievre made it clear that his ideas about who should have priority when it comes to spending money I earned are not much different than Trudeau’s.  The hierarchy both men use is in the table below.  At the top is the person/entity with the highest priority to my money, at the bottom is the lowest.

With Poilievre I will be free to spend any of my money that the government does not take from me.  With Trudeau I am free to shut up and take it.  I really don’t know what to do with all of the Freedom I am being offered.


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    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      I had not heard that but it would not surprise me. Poilievre talks an awful lot about freedom for a guy that never once had a problem with the lockdowns.

  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    He is being groomed by the uniparty to succeed Trudeau, whose usefullness to the establishment is nearing it’s end. He is the definition of a career politician. He was a zealous conservative activist in his teens and early twenties, and has been an MP since age 24, nearly 20 years.

    He has had no job outside of politics.

    Poilievre talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is an ambitious careerist who will campaign on cheap culture war talking points, but will sell out his base faster than you can say Doug Ford, Erin O’Toole, or Jason Kenney. By the way, PP has a history of working for Kenney, campaigning and advising.

    Poilievre styles himself a champion of liberty, yet contrast his actions in the midst of covid tyranny with Max Bernier’s. While PP was singing along with the establishment chorus of submitting to experimental gene therapy, Bernier was getting arrested for holding rallies in outdoor parks around the country.

    You can choose to vote against what you don’t want, or you can make a principled vote for what you want.

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