Fauci Peddles death Door to Door

There are several videos on the internet of Anthony Fauci going door to door urging people to get vaccinated.  Apparently it is for a documentary but I don’t think they are getting the footage they hope for.


This just shows how deluded these people are.  They think unvaccinated people are just ignorant and once they are confronted with Dr. Fauci’s intellect they will roll up their sleeves and comply.  It never occurs to them that unvaccinated people might have made a conscious choice to not be vaccinated.  Or that their choice might be driven by their complete lack of trust in what they have been told.

They were completely unprepared for any resistance.  Their confidence was so high they did not even bother to come armed with any new lies.  All Fauci could do was fall back on lies that obviously did not sway these people the first time he told them.


Fauci trotted out the old lie that breakthrough infections are rare.  This is the exact opposite of the truth.  These treatments cannot prevent infection.  That is not how they work.  The immune system suppression that is baked in to the technology actually makes COVID infection more likely.  So the best way to get COVID is to be vaccinated for COVID.

In fact the best way to die of COVID is to get vaccinated.  The ratio of deaths to infection did not change after people started to take the vaccines.  The net result is that getting vaccinated increases your chance of getting COVID without increasing your chance of surviving COVID.  Fauci knows this; he was just surprised by how many other people also know it.

It is time for that lying little weasel to go away and stop bothering people.