It is Time to Don the Tin Foil Hat

Jason Kenney and other public figures love to smear Lockdown Protesters as conspiracy theorists.  This is how the left always approaches arguments.  Do not address the arguments or the data, just smear the speaker.  The left’s favorite smear is calling someone a racist.  I mean why would any decent person listen to a racist?

Initially the left defaulted to their old standby of racism.  Lockdown opponents were racist because COVID hit Black and Brown communities disproportionately.  The argument was that White People would risk their own health just to see nonwhites get COVID.  This really was not more ridiculous than most of what they said about race, but this time it did not stick.

When racism accusations did not work the government was desperate to find a smear that would work.  They seem to have settled on Conspiracy theorist.  Why would anyone listen to the person in the tin foil hat?  Our governments want you to know anyone who points out the rules seem to have objectives unrelated to a public health crisis, is unhinged.  Politicians have been open about seizing the opportunity to reset our economy, or build back better.  But let’s be clear; anyone who points out that has nothing to do with public health, is a conspiracy theorist.

By now everyone has heard about the great reset.  Our own Prime Moron can’t stop talking about it.  The great reset is a plan to consolidate ownership and control.  It is just a re-branding of communism.  On paper under communism everyone is equal.  In practice the leaders become enormously powerful and wealthy.  Everyone else becomes poor.  The average Venezuelan is starving but Maduro’s entire family are billionaires.  Castro died a billionaire.  Every communist leader dies a billionaire.  All animals are equal.  Pigs are more equal than other animals.

Most politicians have made public comments in support of the great rest or the fake ideals disguising it.  Some, like Alberta’s evil troll, have spoken out against the great reset.  Do these people support or oppose the great reset?  Because actions speak louder than words, I thought I would take a look at what politicians are doing rather than what they are saying.  Are COVID protocols effective public health measures or do they have other more important economic objectives?  Here is what I come up with.

Overall effect on public health. How it facilitates the great reset
Work from home orders Positive effects – Minor.  Keeps virus out of office tower HVAC systems.  This only changes where you encounter the virus


Negative effects – Perpetuates fear and the isolation produces anxiety; both lower immune health

Keeps people apart and less likely to encounter non-believers.  Government control goes unchallenged
Closing small business while leaving large business open Positive effects – none


Negative effects – Increases stress levels on business owners and unemployed which comprises immune systems


Funnels large groups of people together at the same spot to facilitate viral transfer.

Destroys small business.  NAZIS/Chinese style socialism still requires independent business but it must be consolidated in to large corporations in league with the government.


Produces high levels of debt causing people to divest property.  This effectively consolidates property ownership with the same group that consolidated businesses.

Mask Mandates Positive effects – none.  Most masks cannot filter particles as small as a virus.


Negative effects – The detrimental effects of Hypoxia are well documented.  This causes a general decline in immune system response.


Harmful bacteria from the nasal cavities can be re-inhaled and cause lung infections.

People who will not conform to government can be easily identified by the absence of mask.  They can be shunned in to obedience or removed.


Social distancing Positive effects – Minor.  Some transfer is due to droplets.  Most transfer is airborne which is unaffected by distance.


Negative effects – Minor.  It gives people a false sense of security which can cause them to ignore the real risks.

It divides people and keeps them fearful of each other.  No government has enough soldiers to keep a population down against their will.  The key is destroying their trust in one another.
Closing fitness facilities Positive effects – Very little effect.  Contract tracing shows that fitness facilities accounted for very few new cases.  Closing businesses that have a track record of good safety does not in any way increase the level of safety.  If people were not so afraid they would realize that


Negative effects – Fitness level directly correlates to overall health.  Making people less fit and overweight increases susceptibility to the virus and increases the severity of infections.

Encouraging obesity Increases the overall infection and death numbers.  That keeps fear levels high.  The high level of fear keeps people from thinking rationally.  It is far easier to lie to irrational people.
Stay at home orders Positive effects – None.  Welding people in their homes would be highly effective.  Since it is not possible to do that, stay at home orders do not work.  People still congregate at large stores and encounter the virus.


Negative effects – T cell function is affected by low vitamin D level.  Low vitamin D levels are from staying indoors.


Immune systems need to be constantly challenged by encountering new pathogens.  Use it or lose it.  Prolonged isolation is detrimental to immune system function making people more susceptible to viruses when the encounter them

Again, this is simply divide and conquer.  People cannot get together and share information or plot against the government.


Information can be spread through the internet but the government uses the tech giants to control and monitor those communications.  This makes it easy to identify dissenters.

Restricting travel Positive effects – Effective if implemented immediately.  If not, it has no effect. Once a virus is already established in an area it is too late to keep it out.


Negative effects – increases overall stress especially due to family isolation which negatively impacts health.

If perpetuated long enough it destroys family bonds.  Karl Marx recognized that family ties need to be broken to institute communism.  People’s only source of support needs to be government.
Vaccines Positive effects – If they work highly positive


Negative effects – Minor. Vaccines are medical treatments with side effects.  Low risk people can develop serious and even deadly complications to the vaccine.

Vaccines can be powerful tools of population control.  Governments can link proof of vaccination to resumption of rights which effectively eliminates rights.  Rights would be privileges that can be taken away at any time.


When it comes to public health everything that Government in the last 13 months with the exception of vaccines has been clearly detrimental to overall public health.  We don’t yet know about Vaccines.  They could be the solution or they could be a calamity.  Only time will tell.

Everything on the list is, however, highly effective at creating the conditions needed to impose the great reset.  Even the Vaccines.  Is it just me or does this list look highly slanted towards the reset?  I guess I am just one of those conspiracy theorists you should not listen to.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Great article!!!
    Operation lockstep 2010, Rockefeller foundation

    SPARS pandemic 2025-2028. Wrote in 2017. Look these up

    Elite have been working on their plans for years basically following them to a T. Are well funded and have monopolized major health, economic, and political entities around the world.

    With all the evil they have conjured up I cannot see them providing the public with a life-saving vaccine. It is most likely the exact opposite. Eugenics, population control are their goals. My worry is the vaccine will be the real pandemic next fall if people really react when coming in to contact with viruses and having strong reactions from these new vaccines. Which the doctors That we’re right in the first place about deaths and side effects from the vaccines have concerns about. Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Tenpenny to name a couple.

    I follow a few prominent weather forecasters which see a potential for The world to have a very cold winter next year which often times brings worst flu seasons to begin with.

    If this all comes true…Then they will really be able to put their foot on the worlds neck had really taught the public into blaming the deniers. Concentration camp here I come…see you there Richard!!!

    I am hoping for some divine intervention in all this.

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