The Perfect Storm Destroying Canada

If you don’t live in Canada you are probably not aware that Justin Trudeau is involved in another scandal.  It seems the communist party of China has been interfering in Canadian elections.  Incredibly the interference has been somewhat of an open secret among the Chinese community.

“If we want to say who are the 11 potential nominees that CSIS had kind of mentioned, I can pretty much guess who they are,” said Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China.

“China’s interference in Canada has been soft, intangible, and gradual. As a result, this build up over the years, the 90 percent of the iceberg if you were, remains invisible to many Canadians,” he said.

Normally Canada gets ignored on the world stage because Justin Trudeau’s has made Canada irrelevant but this story has attracted some American media attention.  The legacy Canadian media, however, is downplaying the issue while the RCMP is persecuting whistleblowers.  Normally dishonest behavior by the media and thuggish behavior by the RCMP is all that it takes to kill a story in Canada but this time it is different.  This time Canadians are paying attention and wondering why no one is investigating the Chinese.  Some reporters are even doing the unthinkable and asking Justin Trudeau real questions.


Trudeau has no evidence because Trudeau is not looking for evidence.  Why would he?  He already knows what happened.  It is no secret that Trudeau is China’s bitch.  China has always helped him get elected because for China Trudeau is the perfect western leader; incredibly stupid and completely corrupt.

Justin Trudeau is what happens when everything goes wrong.  His biological father is likely Fidel Castro, a murderous communist dictator.  His step father Pierre was a communist sympathizer, habitual Liar, and, until Justin, easily the most destructive Prime Minister in our History.  Justin’s mother was a promiscuous, drug addled, lunatic.  Nature vs. nurture is a moot point.  Justin had the worst of both.  There was absolutely no chance that Justin would become a decent human being.

Justin Trudeau is the perfect storm.  All of the stars aligned to produce an absolutely terrible human being.  Devoted to communist ideology possessing absolutely no intelligence or ethics.  With no accomplishments other than impregnating an underage girl, he rode his last name and Chinese money right into the prime minister’s office.  Justin is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate.

“I am still mad at myself for that—for being convinced, at one point in time, that the prime minister was an honest and good person, when, in truth, he would so casually lie to the public and then think he could get away with it.”

Thoughts on Justin Trudeau by Canada’s former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould