When it Comes to Covid, Canadians are Herd Animals

The paper this weekend was full of columns and letters critical of How Jason Kenney’s handling of covid 19.  There was more ignorance on display than any healthy society can survive.  One columnist even declared that we had control of the virus until September 15th and that it was clear that we lost control on that date because Jason Kenney failed to act.  We have not ever had control of the virus.  What was controlling the virus was summer which typically ends mid-September.

The sun along with every other media agency in Canada has been a major source of misinformation about covid.  I still felt compelled to respond because the ignorance they are cultivating truly is fatal.  The Sun limits letters to 250 words so you must be succinct.  I could not spare the words to explain that I am the last person who would jump to the aid of that evil little Troll Kenney.  I do hope that no one confuses my reply with support for the UCP.  My letter may not be published so I have reproduced it below.


On Sunday, the Sun published several columns and letters that all concluded that we lost control of the virus because Jason Kenney did not mandate masks soon enough.  All the writers ignored that most of the new cases are in places like Calgary that have had mask mandates for months.  The truth is that masks have not made any difference anywhere they have been tried.  Surgical and cloth masks were not designed to prevent viral transmission, a virus is simple too small for them to catch.  A month ago, a Danish study that followed 6000 people for 2 months found masks made no difference in infection rates.  In lab testing a new surgical mask does a poor job catching virus from the wearer’s breath.  Cloth masks and saturated surgical masks worn for more than 2 hours were completely ineffective.  Masks mandates might be supported by tyrannical autocrats like Nenshi and Hinshaw, but they are not supported by science.  Wear a mask if it makes you feel better but understand it is nothing more than empty virtue signaling.  The best way out of this is to protect the vulnerable with treatment protocols and let everyone else be exposed to the virus.  Covid 19 poses almost zero risk to healthy individuals.  You can not remove all risk.  Life is low risk not no risk.  The only way to eliminate all risk is to eliminate living; something politicians seem hell bent on achieving.


It is shocking how many people are convinced that a mask will stop the spread of the virus when more than half of the people in the province were already under a mask mandate and those are the places that have the largest increases in infections.  I have read numerous articles now that claim the justification for masks is that everyone is using them.  When I was a kid, I tried to use that as a reason why I should be allowed to do any number of things.  My parents always replied, “if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you do it too”?  The answer to that question used to be no.  How times have changed.

How did our society get dumbed down to the point where people believe a piece of cloth guarantees a disease-free society?  Personally, I think every building in Canada that has a sign posted explaining that masks are required for entry should also post this.

There are finally starting to be mask and lockdown protests in Canada but Canadians for the most part are deferring to government threats of violence penalties.  The letters in the paper that were not critical of Jason Kenney were critical of anyone who protests their complete loss of income and basic human rights.  Canada is a lost cause and is doomed as a country.  Thankfully, our southern neighbors are made of sterner stuff.  I cannot get enough of this video.