Where are the Over Run Hospitals?

A few weeks ago, I discussed how the Alberta government is using half truths to keep us in full COVID-1984 Panic mode.  Every day we are told how many people are in hospital with COVID-1984 but we are never told the total number of people in hospital.  We are also never told if we have more people in hospital now than we would normally have during cold and flu season.

Nearly 1 year ago the evil Troll shut down Alberta to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed.  At no time in the last 341 days of restrictions have we ever been told just how close to hospital capacity we are.  The government destroyed our economy and never once let us see the data for ourselves.  We had to take on faith that the hospitals were full.  This faith was hard to keep as we watched tik tok videos of nurses dancing in empty hospitals.

I have speculated more than once that we are not seeing anything abnormal in our hospitals.  I spent hours searching for historical data on hospital admissions to no avail.  Then yesterday my brother sent me this data on ICU admissions.

I did a little math and turned it in to yearly admissions per 1 million people.

I do not think I need to explain this plot.  I just need to ask three questions.

  1. What kind of Pandemic results in 10% fewer people in hospital?
  2. If the hospitals are empty, what exactly are we protecting?
  3. And the most important question of all. Are you pissed off yet?