Why Do Swedish Children Know More About Covid Than Canadian Adults?

I have discussed Sweden many times in the past.  Sweden responded very differently than the rest of the world.  The Swedish response had 2 defining characteristics that were the exact opposite of what has gone on in Canada and the rest of the western world.

  1. Swedish citizens were treated as adults.
  2. The Swedish government openly disclosed information. There was no attempt to deceive the public.

With respect to spread of the virus the results in Sweden were no better or worse than anywhere else in the world.  Where Sweden’s policy really shone was in the societal benefits.

  • The economy was not ruined.
  • Public debt was not increased.
  • Unemployment was not increased.
  • There was no irrational panic.
  • The Public did not lose trust in their politicians and health officials.

Sweden is the clear winner in this whole stupid Covid over reaction game precisely because they did not overreact.  In Sweden they call it the Lagom way.  If you are wondering what the Lagom way is, you can look it up, or watch this very good documentary I found on Ivor Cummins site.  The documentary was produced by a non-technical person who focuses on relationships and societal mental health.  Notice how well informed even the children are in Sweden. Enjoy.

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