Closing Fitness Facilities and Locking People in Their Homes was Deadly

Yesterday I posted this plot showing the effect of vitamin D deficiency on COVID case severity.

It is not all that surprising then that researchers have found a correlation between hours spent indoors and excess deaths.

Clearly stay at home orders like the one Doug Ford just imposed are the exact wrong thing to do.  Doug Ford is not the only Covidiot making things worse.  The first thing almost every tyrant did was shut down sports and fitness facilities.  I was not surprised then to see this article.

The average American gained 29 pounds over the last year.  The health implications of obesity have been studied to death.  Preventing people from leaving their home and exercising is not exactly sound public health policy.

Still what is a few pounds verses COVID right?  Obesity is a common COVID comorbidity so I decided look at how important a few extra pounds are.  I took the current per capita COVID deaths and compared it to the obesity data I got from the CDC.  It turns out that extra 29 pounds can be deadly.

How could this be more clear?  The higher the level of obesity the higher the COVID deaths.

Over the last year I have tried to correlate COVID deaths to average age, wealth, and nurses/capita.  I always got very weak correlations.  Those factors were important but it was obvious that others factors dominated.  Now we find very strong correlations with obesity and vitamin D deficiency.  The key to success is simple.  Encourage people to go outside and exercise.

Clearly, the best thing we could have done would have been very inexpensive.  Instead governments did the exact opposite.  They went to great lengths to prevent people from being outside and exercising.  Taxpayers were forced to spend billions to increase the body count.

Could our governments truly be this stupid?  We need to start asking why our governments wanted so many of us to die.  We are now being forced to take a vaccine to prevent deaths that the government caused.  Where the hell do you get a Vaccine that eliminates Government?  That I would take enthusiastically.