We Need More People like Dr. Grant to Counter Government Propaganda

Maybe for the last time, I read the Calgary Sun this morning.  I have subscribed to the Sun for years.  I used to think of the Sun as the last major media outlet clinging to journalistic principals.  The Sun had columnists that came down on both sides of the political spectrum.  That made the Sun very different than any other publication in Canada.

Journalism is like politics and government bureaucracy.  It is an occupation that appeals strongly to left-leaning people.  The ability to spread propaganda is irresistible to them.  Right leaning or even centrist journalists are such a rare bread that it was remarkable that the Sun found any to hire.  Unfortunately those days are over even for the Sun.

My subscription to the Sun is expiring and I won’t be renewing it.  COVID was the final straw.  For the last year the Sun has been a relentless lockdown cheerleader.  In April of last year I wrote a letter to the editor asking whether we were now going to lock down every cold and flu season.  The Sun did to me what they have done to everyone questioning the government narrative.  They mocked me.

The Sun Editors commented that if I thought this was just the flu I was not paying attention.  Well the Sun and I were both paying attention.  I was paying attention to the data.  The Sun was paying attention to their government paymasters.

How prophetic my words were last April.  Here we are in the very next cold and flu season locked down for a third time.  The data also shows that for people under 60 COVID is LESS dangerous than the flu.  COVID really is just another flu.  So far only one Sun writer, Anthony Furey, has dared to question lockdowns.  Even this morning the Sun was again berating letter writers who opposed these ridiculous restrictions.

The Sun like any publication is not perfect.  Every now and then they make the mistake of allowing someone to go off script.  This time their mistake was Allowing Dr. Jennifer Grant to write a column.  You can see that column here.


Dr. Grant points out the obvious.  Viruses have evolved to infect animals and people.  No amount of government regulation will prevent a virus from being a virus.  Dr.  Grant points out how high our compliance has been, and that it has made no difference.  Every time Deena Hinshaw or any other government Bureaucrat steps in front of the camera to blame people for the latest outbreak they are lying.

I really would like to find out who taught Deena Hinshaw that if you hid from a virus long enough it would get lonely and go away.  I would kick that person in the groin as hard as I can.  That kick would be the single largest contribution to science this century.

Everything that the government has inflicted on us over the last year has done nothing other than made things worse.  We have piled a large social economic problem on top of a small virus problem.  Now the government wants to save us from the problem they created with a Vaccine.  The Vaccine is very similar to the virus.  It comes with its own publicity department.  I cannot explain it any better than this Woman.


Unfortunately, this incessant barrage of propaganda works.  The government has already been able to convince otherwise intelligent and rational people to believe absurdities.  In 2019 if you tried to convince people of anything on the list below, you would be branded a lunatic.  Now this is considered to be conventional wisdom.

  1. My safety is someone else’s responsibility.

Someone that I have never met.  Despite our estrangement that person needs to be unemployed for my protection.  Their life is completely subservient to mine.

  1. My safety varies with location.

Being among hundreds of people at Walmart is safe.  Being with dozens of people at church is not.  If church services are held at Walmart the virus must get very confused.

  1. The Dietary preferences of Chinese people caused this.

The fact that the first infections occurred within blocks of a lab with shoddy safety protocols is just a coincidence.  It is an even bigger coincidence that Anthony Fauci and the NIH have been funding them for years to do research on corona viruses.  The biggest coincidence of all is how the Chinese communists used this lab for germ weapons research.  Now if we can just get the Chinese to stop eating bats this will never happen again.

  1. The COVID virus is afraid of cloth.

The virus could not be contained in a secure medical research facility but a piece of cloth held on your face will thwart it every time.  Any piece of cloth will work.  Even cloth with a weave hundreds of times larger than the virus.

  1. The SARS CoV-2 virus reacts to intent.

If I choose to protest the death of a career criminal in another country I make everyone safe.  My moral righteousness will form an invisible barrier that the virus cannot penetrate.  I will be safe, everyone around me will be safe, and all of society will be safe.

If on the other hand, I choose to protest the government violating my rights, that safety evaporates.  My stubborn refusal to recognize the divine wisdom of government will have disastrous consequences.  Thousands of people who did not attend the protest will get infected and surely die.


We should be very concerned how easy it was for the government to make us accept this.  The French philosopher Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.  We need more sane voices like Dr. Grant to counteract the never ending barrage of government bullshit.  If we don’t wake up soon the government will move on to the atrocities part of the program.