We have at Least 200 Cops More Than We Need

Saturday a small Café near my home decided to defy Jason Kenney and remain open.  I went for breakfast and lunch.  There was no one either than my friend and me there at breakfast.  At lunch there were people going in and out for takeout.  No one sat down until my family sat down.

The place was very quiet.  Most people were dutifully obeying the government and staying home.  I hoped that it would be busy, but I knew it would not be.  As I discussed yesterday compliance to tyrannical dictates has been quite high through this entire farce.

While I knew there would not be customers, I was not sure about health inspectors and police.  Thankfully, they were also absent.  I thought that meant the Evil Troll had decided to turn a blind eye to rule breakers.  I was wrong.  The only reason there were no cops at the café is that they were all up in Edmonton.

The Evil Troll decided to make his stand at the Grace Life church.  He sent 200 police, 40 cars, and a helicopter.


Overwhelming police presence was absolutely needed to keep these lawless Christians in check.  Things got crazy they brazenly carried crosses and sang hymns.


Can you imagine the courage it took for those 200 officers to stand fast while the crowd sang “yes Jesus loves you”?  That is a battle cry if I ever heard one.  Without the presence of these officers there is no telling what mayhem would have ensued.  I mean what if they had set up tables and started feeding the homeless?

Even under the watchful eye of those brave officers, some of the protesters did get a little randy.  They tore down some of the fence.  Then they quickly apologized and help put the fence back up.


I do not know about you, but I feel much safer now.  Socially responsible behavior from Christians just cannot be tolerated.  This is just another good example of how the UCP does such a great job allocating my tax dollars.  Really, why would I want cops wasting their time arresting criminals when there are so many Christians to persecute?

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    And yet many wonder why police are so hated? They are doing AHS dirty work for starters and the rest of the time they are nothing more than tax collectors setting up radar traps and so on. But then again why chase criminals and try to catch them when criminals bring no revenue to the crown. Soccer moms going to the store in their suv speeding or not wearing masks pay their fines. Comrade Kenney has them busy.

  2. C.C. Michael
    C.C. Michael says:

    A funny thing. The media were hanging around, waiting for ‘something’ to happen. A small group of men (who no one else knew, by the way) started for the fences. The media swooped in for their much coveted photo op. It was the men of the church (not GraceLife, they were 30 minutes away) that put a stop to it and helped put the fence back.
    I don’t trust the media, not for a minute. Call them ‘Pravda’.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      If you have visited my blog more than once you will know I agree with your assessment of the media. They are not trustworthy or truthful. They are not in the business of reporting the news they are in the business of manufacturing opinion. Lately the opinion they want you to have is that the government is a benevolent behemoth that was forced to eliminate rights to protect us from a virus. There is no way the government could have kept this farce going this long without the cooperation of the media.

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