The Public Mood is Changing

I am sure that most politicians are pleasantly surprised how easy this has been so far.  No matter how Tyrannical and ridiculous their edicts have been people have readily complied.  This has been a godsend for Politicians.  They can do what they want.  All they must do is tell us it is for our protection.  These tyrants need to understand you can have to much of a good thing.  They are playing with fire.

The mood in many parts of the world is starting to turn.  Here is another video of customers turning their ire on health inspectors trying to harass a shop owner.


Politicians need to pay attention because when the mood turns it can get ugly fast.  This Video from Poland shows people chasing down and cornering police.


Our evil premier has been using police to harass church goers.  He needs to remember that not all people are willing to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek.  If even 5% of people decide they have had enough, there are not enough police to keep this farce going.

Some Albertans are not as pacifist as the Grace Life protesters.  A few showed up at a lockdown protest in Edmonton.  Deena Hinshaw came out to explain to the protesters just how stupid and unimportant they are.  The crowd would have none of it.  They voiced their displeasure with Denna Hinshaw by chanting “lock her up”.

The COVID restrictions she has advocated are unconstitutional, that makes them illegal. People have died because of her policies.  I must agree with the protesters.  I do not see how she is not guilting of criminally negligent homicide.

Jason Kenney saw it another way.  This is not that surprising since he carries even more guilt for the same crime.  The evil Troll thinks it is “beyond the pale” to question Deena Hinshaw or anyone else in government.  Yesterday he doubled down on stupid.  See his press release below.

What a remarkable press release.  It is incredible how much stupidity Jason was able to pack in to one short paragraph.  This is Trudeau level stupidity.  Let us start at the Top and work our way down.

I do not know how a protest at the legislature amounts to trespass.  Don’t those building belong to the taxpayers?  How can you trespass on a property that you own?  Jason Kenney is a career politician.  As such he has never really paid taxes.  Taking $100 out of the public purse and then returning $30 is not paying taxes.  You are still a $70 drain on real taxpayers.  Since Jason has never paid taxes in his life, he cannot claim any ownership of the place.  Jason was the trespasser not the taxpayers who are upset with him.

Jason thinks it is OK to disagree but not to believe he might have motivations unrelated to the virus.  Realizing that Jason does not have your best interests at heart, makes you a conspiracy theorist.  These conspiracy nuts spread “misinformation”.  Jason defines misinformation as anything that contradicts what he wants you to believe.  It is misinformation to point out his information is false.

He ends by rushing to the defense of Deena Hinshaw.  In his opinion Denna has offered the best possible health advice.  Again, I must call bullshit.  All Deena has done for her $330,000 salary is spew the same pablum you can get from any news broadcast.  If the best possible health advice comes from a vapid talking head, we are doomed.  Jason likes Deena’s advice because she always tells him to trample rights.  He likes trampling rights and loves the encouragement from his dominatrix.

Deena Hinshaw has not earned her salary in over a year now.  She probably does need to see the inside of a prison.  As for medical advice we can get that anywhere.  If we want good advice though, maybe we should listen to these two.