Common sense could have saved a lot of lives

Do you know anyone with long COVID who is not vaccinated?  Long COVID was used as another reason to get vaccinated even if you already had COVID.  The vaccine was to somehow prevent long COVID without actually preventing COVID.  That was insane but then everything about COVID was insane.  Now we have a new paper showing what I have said for months.  Long COVID is not a disease, it is a vaccine injury.

Researchers detected specific fragments of spike protein in about 50 percent of subjects who received mRNA vaccines 69 to 187 days following vaccination.

In the early days of the vaccine programs we discovered 2 things.

  1. The spike protein on its own can cause all of the symptoms of COVID.


  1. Some people produced Spike Proteins for a very long time after vaccination.

Given this information is it any wonder some people display COVID symptoms for a long time?  The entire COVID vaccine debacle has shown just how willfully blind and stupid we really can be.  Somehow long COVID was a mystery even though we should have expected it.

Every medical treatment carries some risk.  New experimental treatments carry huge risk.  Injecting everyone on earth with a product we seem to know very little about was never a good idea.  Continuing now that we do know the jabs are dangerous is criminally stupid.  People should not need to get sick and die for us to re-discover common sense.