It is both criminal and premeditated

The legacy media and governments have a distinct lack of interest in vaccine injuries.  There is a reason for that.  The closer you look at the COVID jabs the more horrific the story gets.  The video below is Liz Gun discussing some of the more disturbing findings from the recently leaked New Zealand data.


Liz Gun is absolutely correct.  The vaccine programs and mandates are a crime; either murder or manslaughter.  I am not one for splitting hairs so in my opinion this was murder.  Manslaughter only applies if you did not intend to kill anyone.  I don’t know how you can claim there was no intention to kill when you forced people to take a treatment that was not even safe for animals.


So animal trials could not be completed because there was no way to keep the animals from dying after injection; how does that translate into the vax being safe to give to 5.5 billion humans?  Any sane person knows that it does not.  The people who mandated these products are not insane; evil but definitely not insane.  They knew mRNA injections were not safe but they mandated them anyway.

This was cold blooded murder.  Soon everyone will know that.  The question is; what are you prepared to do about it?