Ignoring the obvious just makes this worse

Justin Trudeau is a willfully ignorant, unintelligent, narcissistic, petulant, perpetual adolescent.   No country that elects Justin Trudeau 3 times can claim to be smart.  Trudeau’s victories then are objective evidence that Canadians are just not that smart but seriously can we be as stupid as this headline from the Western Standard suggests?

Unknown cause is the 4th leading cause of death in Canada in 2022 which apparently has stumped people with advanced medical degrees.  Sorry but even I don’t believe Canadians are that stupid.  Every sane person knows exactly what caused these deaths they just don’t have the guts to say it.  The category should not be labeled unknown, a more accurate label would be “unwilling to say”.

Even before the COVID fiasco some deaths were classified as unknown.  In 2019 that number was 3,378.  If I take 2019 as the baseline then 2022 had 12,665 more “unknown” deaths than normal or a 375% increase.  Let’s stop pussy footing around and tell the truth.  The COVID vaccines killed nearly 13,000 Canadians in 2022.  It is a shame then that they never saved anyone from COVID.  2022 also had the highest number of COVID deaths so far.

That plot is quite telling isn’t it?  The COVID vaccines which were supposed to end COVID have increased the number of people dying of COVID.  Why is no one talking about this?  Or, better yet why is no one concerned?  We shut down the entire country in 2020 for less.

And here the furrowed brow, COVID-19 deaths were the highest since the start of the pandemic.

Think about that one. When COVID deaths were not even two thirds of that, governments were telling us to stay home and putting people in jail if they went to church. But if it doesn’t matter now, why did it matter so much then? Just asking.

I guess the Trudeau Liberals must have severely cut the marketing budget for COVID 19 in 2022.  Canadians are no longer worried because no one is telling them to worry; such is the power of marketing.  Even COVID brand loyalty among the clinically insane COVIDians is not enough to keep the panic alive without the marketing.

From 2020 to 2022 32,355 Canadians died of unknown causes.  Deducting the 2019 base line of 3,378 unknown causes from each year gives that 22,221 Canadians died of either the lockdowns or the vaccines.  To put his in perspective 22,910 Canadians died in WW2 and that was over 6 years not 3.  But even this does not tell the full story of how bad these numbers really are.  I have documented many times on this blog how “unnatural” COVID deaths were.  COVID circulated for months without claiming many victims.  People did not really start dying of COVID until governments started to dictate to Doctors how to treat COVID.

In January of 2021 Dr. Peter McCullough published his treatment protocol.  Doctors who followed it, or other protocols from dissident Doctors, report 85% to 100% success rate depending on how soon treatment is started.  If I use the lower 85% number then the true COVID deaths for the 3 year period was only 7,511.  The other 42,561 people were actually killed by government as were the 22,221 vaccine victims.  This means in only 3 years Canadian politicians and bureaucrats have already killed 64,782 Canadians.  This is starting to approach the 79,548 Canadians killed in the 10.5 years of both world wars combined.

Justin Trudeau and the 13 COVID era Premiers are easily the 14 highest serial killers in Canadian History and they are not alone.  Excess deaths are high in every highly vaccinated country and no one is talking about them there either.


The number of people killed by their own governments over the last 3 years is staggering.  These are war time level casualties and we are ignoring it.  Sadly, by ignoring this we are making it worse because we are not trying to find a way to help vax injured people.  Sooner or later we need to punish the people who are responsible for this carnage but right now it is far more important to stop it.  We need to find a way to help their victims who have not yet died.  Serious effort must go in to developing treatment protocols for the vax injured but that will never happen without first acknowledging how serious this problem is.