Finally a politician that gets it

Argentina just elected a new president who is already giving the left heartburn.



I could not agree more and I have said so many times on this blog.  The left is shit and they will kill you.  The biggest atrocities in history have been committed by the left.  Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot; they were all socialist/communist dictators.  I know that your high school text book will call Hitler right wing but that is a long running lie.  How is a man who founds a party with the word socialist in the name a right winger?  The answer is that he wasn’t right wing.  The socialist loving academics that write history text books just did not want to claim him as one of their own.

History is very clear.  Left wing polices always end in poverty and mass murder.  It does not matter how innocuous a policy seems we should always reject it.  Just as I posted yesterday every idea from the left will always be expanded to the maximum level of absurdity.  2 weeks to flatten the curve was never going to be 2 weeks.  Saving the planet will always become destroying the economy and producing poverty.

Almost every problem we face today is the result of us trying to placate leftist lunatics.  We tried to go along to get along but with the left that never works because they will never compromise.  They will continue to push their anti-human policies until we all comply and die early deaths.  When you give the left an inch it is only a matter of time before they dig mass graves.