People looking for reasons to kill you are not your friends

In 2016 Canada passed an assisted suicide law called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).  The law was in response to some wingnuts on the Supreme Court that somehow found a right to assisted suicide buried within the charter of rights and freedoms.  No sane person can read that document and find assisted suicide but we do not appoint sane people to the Supreme Court in Canada; just rabid political activists.

This imaginary right did not just materialize in the text like it would in a Harry Potter movie.  It also worked its way to the top of the list.  In fact the COVID lockdowns proved that MAID is the only actual right Canadians have.  During the lockdowns all of the rights specifically mentioned in the charter were suspended which means they were never really rights in the first place just privileges.  But, the right to MAID that appears nowhere in the document came through the lockdowns unscathed.  I know this because I had a relative exercise this right during the lockdowns.

When my relative made his decision the government rushed to accommodate him.  Within days a doctor came to his house.  In our socialized medical system MAID is the only service without a waiting list and that doctors still perform house calls for.  Am I the only one who finds our healthcare priorities to be completely inverted?

I think many Canadians have realized we only have one right in Canada and that could explain why more people each year choose to exercise it.  In 2022 13,200 people chose MAID, a 30% increase from the previous year.  According to the law all 13,200 of these people should have been in an irreversible state of decline.  Natural death was reasonably foreseeable

Bill C-14, emphasizes autonomy, compassion and personal dignity. For instance, to qualify for MAID, the individual adult in question must provide consent. Further, the person must have an incurable illness, disease or disability and be in an advanced state of irreversible decline. As well, the physical or psychological suffering must be considered intolerable from the patient’s perspective. Finally, death must be reasonably foreseeable. 

Who could argue with that right?  Why would we let people linger and suffer unnecessarily?  That is not what really happens with this program however.  MAID has been expanded to include people who are depressed and simply struggling to get by.

There is Rosina, the young woman who opted for assisted suicide because of her crippling loneliness; she selected the day of her death, September 25, 2021, because it was the birthday of her ex-husband. There is the man requesting assisted suicide because he cannot get the back surgery he needs; the young mother who sees euthanasia as one of her only options because she cannot get coverage for the treatment she desperately needs; the 44-year-old Winnipeg woman who opted for euthanasia because she could not get home care. 

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau and the continued erosion of public health care are there any Canadians that would not qualify for MAID?  Now not even children are safe.

This is why you should never let government do anything.  Every new program will be expanded to the level of maximum absurdity.  That is just how government rolls.  Any time Government proposes anything you should think of the most ridiculous extension of the rule possible and understand that government will go beyond that.  UBI will not just be a basic income.  It will be a lavish income that people will choose rather than work.  It will also be extended to non-citizens even if they are not in the country.

We cannot continue to sit back and let government do what they want because what they want is to impoverish and then euthanize most of us.  We must clip the wings of government by dramatically reducing the size and scope of government.  Government is not your friend.  In Canada the government is literally searching for an excuse to help you kill yourself.