Same game, different players, bigger playing field

This week it was revealed that most of the money earmarked for building new housing went to a single company for work that would have happened without all the taxpayer money.

Canada keeps repeating it’s spending billions on new housing, but with who, and how does it help? Earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced $1.2 billion worth of investments to build rentals in Toronto. It turns out over a third of those funds are going into one project—373 Front St East, which are rentals planned years ago. Toronto-based Tricon Capital is one of the owners of the 855 unit project. They are best-known for buying and owning tens of thousands of single-family homes in a short time.

So the government created a housing crisis that Tricon Capital profited from.  Then Governments solution to the housing crisis is to give money to Tricon Capital.  How much do you want to bet that if you look closely you will find deep connections between Tricon Capital and influential liberal politicians?

This is the oldest game in the government play book.  Government creates a crisis as an excuse to funnel money to friends.  The Kickbacks come as campaign contributions or later with lucrative job offers.  It is not a coincidence that many politicians wind up as board members or advisors after they retire from politics.  The high paying, no work, job is just part of the Quid Pro Quo.

This kind of corruption is endemic in western politics and COVID followed the same pattern with one new wrinkle.  Billionaires found a way to take the scam global by extending it to member of the permanent bureaucracy.


Big Pharma has acknowledged that the real power in politics is now often found not with the politicians but with the deep state.  Much of the decision making in western governments is no longer done by the politicians.  It is done by the bureaucrats and endorsed by the politicians.  Big Pharma exploited this during COVID and will continue to exploit it until we stop it.  We don’t just need term limits for Politicians we need also need term limits for bureaucrats.  The deep state poses an even larger danger to us than moronic politicians like Trudeau and Freeland.  It is time to nip it in the bud.