Vaccine conversation hesitancy

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is holding hearings on vaccine injuries.  The testimony below is from Dr. Kimberly Biss.  Dr. Biss has seen miscarriages increase from 4% to 15% since the COVID vaccine roll outs.


It is reasonable to assume there has been no significant change for unvaccinated women.  If that is the case the increase is due to the 60% who were vaccinated.  The math tells me then that vaccinated women miscarry 22.3% of the time in the first trimester compared to unvaccinated women at 4%.  The COVID jabs increase the risk of a miscarriage by 550%.

Dr. Biss is quick to point out that she cannot know this for sure.  Some women miscarry before anyone asks their vaccination status and after that no one would dare ask them their vaccination status.  It would be seen as victim blaming and is exactly why we are not having a larger conversation about vaccine injuries.

I know many people who have been vaccinated.  Some felt they had to because they worked with the public or needed to travel for work.  Most people, however, took the jab because they wanted to vacation abroad and go to restaurants.  Both are very silly reasons to risk your health and I doubt any of them want to be reminded of their foolishness.

I have 2 vaccinated members of my extended family that have died; one from a stroke and one from turbo cancer.  To me these deaths are suspicious since both maladies have been linked to the jabs.  But, to be clear I do not know that these were caused by the jabs.  What I do know is that no one has asked the question out loud.  The silence around vaccine injuries is at time deafening.

In a way COVID vaccine injuries are a victimless crime.  The people did it to themselves.  Most people had no good reason to take the jab which means that most vaccine injuries and even deaths are highly embarrassing.  It is almost like asking someone to explain their STD.  This is exactly why these products have not been banned yet.  The psychopaths behind them made everyone who took them complicit in their crimes.  Until these people get over their embarrassment and speak up banning these products will be next to impossible.