How much longer will we wait?

A study on COVID vaccine injuries has been released that shows vaccinated people have a 1 in 565 chance of serious injury.  Any other medical treatment with this poor of a safety record would have been banned long ago. Incredibly the 1 in 565 chance of serious injury found by the study should be considered a low estimate.  The Study only followed people for 2 months after vaccination but some problems take much longer than 2 months to manifest.  With time the 1 and 565 ratio will only get worse.

The COVID vaccines should have never been approved.  The trial data submitted by both Pfizer and Moderna was obviously fraudulent.  There did not use standardize testing and only tested 15% of the suspected cases.  Of the 15% that were tested 82% were in the placebo group.  That is a strong indication the study was un-blinded.  The researchers knew exactly who was in which group and they skewed the results in favor of vaccines.

Even if the Trials had not been fraudulent you still cannot justify their continued use.  Why would any sane society continue to use a medication that has made “died suddenly” the leading cause of death?  It is way past time to call a halt to this madness.  The jabs don’t make sense for anyone even high risk seniors.


It is also way past time to start prosecuting people for this enormous crime.