The most Inconvenient Truth of all

In 2006 Al Gore released his “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth.  Near the beginning Gore showed a plot that showed how CO2 and temperature have risen and fallen in lockstep for 800 thousands years.  Unfortunately Gore was very economical with the truth especially when you consider he used that word in the title.  It is true that CO2 and Temperature have risen and fallen at roughly the same time but that is not the whole truth.  The whole truth is that temperature always rises first and CO2 follows later.  Much later in fact.

Stated in plain language, that temperature changes precede CO2 changes, so the likely causality runs from temperature to CO2, not the other way around. Indeed there is no evidence in the data that changes in CO2 levels drive temperature, or at least if there is an effect it is too small to show up in the analysis.

Being cautious academics, the authors of the 2015 paper took some pains to point out that they hadn’t proven that CO2 can’t cause temperature to change, only that any such effect is too weak to show up in the ice core record. Which again means in plain language that if CO2 is the climate control knob today it’s a change from the past 800,000 years.

I have said this before.  CO2 is not a thermostat that can be used to control the world’s temperature.  Theoretically increasing CO2 concentration should cause a small amount of warming but it is so small you can’t even find it in the noise of everything else that affects climate.

Back when gore released his fictional account of how climate works it was called global warming.  The problem with that name was that the earth sometimes stubbornly refused to warm.  A couple years after the documentary was released the earths temperature fell quite dramatically.  Even now 17 years later the temperature is only 0.08 degrees Celsius (0.14 F) warmer than it was when Gore released his fraudulent documentary.

It became very difficult to make people concerned about global warming when the earth was obviously not warming so global warming was renamed climate change.  This gave the fraudsters a lot more room to move.  Now it does not matter if the earth warms or cools both are blamed on CO2.  CO2 is apparently a bad influence on climate, even though it can’t cause cooling it might cause cooling.  It can’t cause storms but it is somehow causing storms to get stronger.  No proof is ever required just emotion and heated rhetoric.

CO2 is now the global boogie man making weather more extreme.  There is still a bit of a problem with the rebranding, however.  Weather is not getting more extreme.  In some ways the weather has been unusually stable in recent years.  There certainly were more extremely hot days 90 years ago than there are now.

This is just more inconvenient truth about global warming/climate change/global climate disruption.  The raw data never shows what they want it to so adjusting data has become a full time job.  Notice the Red line of the “adjusted” is dramatically different than the actual measured data.  This kind of chicanery is not acceptable in real science but it is the only thing keeping the climate change narrative alive.

The temperature data in this plot has been adjusted by a department of the US federal government and that is the biggest inconvenient truth of all.  Governments have been lying to you about climate change for decades.  They have used these lies to justify taking money from you and giving it to their rich friends.  Rich friends who just happen to produce windmills, solar panels, and electric cars.

You have been a victim of financial fraud.  The perpetrator has been your own government.  You can say no or you can get comfortable in your 15 minute prison.  It is up to you.