Their fear is Palpable

This could be just wishful thinking on my part but recent events have me hopeful that we could see Nuremburg style trials again.  My optimism is based on the overwhelming stench of fear emanating from politicians and media.  In the past week politicians in multiple countries have admitted mistakes and even apologized.  They would never had done that if they did not sense a shifting of the tides.

Politicians love to apologize for things other politicians have done in the past but they will never apologize for their own actions until they get caught.  Many now sense that the jig is up and their political calculous tells them the only way out is to pretend they were duped and cast blame elsewhere.  They are running for cover and now it is every man for himself.  Even their stalwart allies in the media are starting to turn on the tyrants.

Take this recent headline from the Telegraph acknowledging in bold print that the lockdowns killed.

When politicians lose the support of the mainstream media they are in serious trouble.  If this continues it will be nearly impossible to conceal their crimes.  But don’t take this headline as proof the media decided to be honest.  They were forced in to this the same as their political friends.  The media was part of this conspiracy and now that it is unravelling they want to pretend it just took this long to get the data.  That headline is not just misleading it is lie designed to cover the media’s complicity with government mass murder.

The data on lockdowns did not just arrive on March 18th, 2023.  Data proving lockdowns kill has been available for a long time; you just had to look.  In October 2020 I was able to use CDC data to show that non COVID deaths spiked during the first lockdown.  The data proved what any rational person already knew.  The stress of House arrest and unemployment will kill people.

Deaths due to heart attacks, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and strokes peaked with the restrictions whether or not the patient had Covid.  It was the lockdown that caused these excess deaths not covid; covid was just along for the ride.  We have suspected all along that we would see deaths due to restricting health care to people who were managing long term health conditions and this is the smoking gun.  The lockdown kills.

You cannot show that the lockdown saved a single life, but you can show that the lockdown negatively impacted millions of lives.  We will never know the complete cost in terms of human lives that the lockdowns caused but this plot would indicate that number is in the 10s if not 100s of thousands.  The people responsible for the lockdowns will forever block a full accounting of their sins, and these are huge sins.  How is this not mass murder?  War criminals have received the death penalty for less.

Then in June of 2021, after the second lockdown, with more data, I was able to produce this plot showing increasing lockdown severity increases the number of people who die.

Any Country that reacted sanely did not have much trouble.  COVID amounted to nothing other than a mild flu year.  COVID was only a problem in Countries where politicians made it a problem.  This cannot be stated too many times.  Lockdowns Kill.  That much is clear.  So is it the lethality of lockdowns that makes them so attractive to left wing politicians?

In October 2020 using public data I was able to show that thousands of people had been killed by the first lockdown.  Then in June of 2021 I was able to show strict restrictions increase the number of people killed by lockdowns.  Any enterprising reporter could have done the same yet none did until now.  We are now getting truth from the media only because they are afraid.  God I love the smell of their fear.  Let the trials begin.