It was Malice

I found this video linked on Jo Nova’s site.  It is a short speech given by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer.  In the early days of COVID Palmer spent millions of his own money to secure 37 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  He gave the HCQ to the Australian government who promptly destroyed it which is too bad because it would have come in very handy when Palmer himself fell ill with COVID.

When Palmer became ill he made a near fatal mistake.  He went to a government controlled hospital.  Once there the government lackeys masquerading as doctors told him he would die in 5 hours.  The only option he was given was Remdesivir and ventilation; a treatment protocol that almost no one survived.  Essentially he was given a choice die in 5 hours or let the government euthanize him over a longer period.

Fortunately for Palmer fate and a Good Samaritan intervened.  He was able to escape the hospital and be treated by a real doctor who prescribed Ivermectin.  It would seem his 5 hour life expectancy depending entirely on lack of treatment because he seems very healthy while giving this speech.


This is why so many politicians are trying to distance themselves from their actions of the last 3 years.  The truth is finally coming out and it is damning.  Governments did not simply make mistakes.  They actively killed people.  They did not just restrict the use of HCQ they destroyed it.  Think about that for a minute.  Even if you don’t believe HCQ was effective for COVID why would you destroy medication that can be used to treat malaria?  They knew that by destroying this medication people would die.  If not by COVID then from malaria.

Killing people by denying treatment was a passive way of increasing the body count.  Confining people in hospitals and forcing a ventilator tube down their throat was premeditated murder.  Governments turned hospitals in to COVID concentration camps.  A place where COVID patients entered but never left.

Worldwide millions of people died unnecessarily from this government enforced medical malpractice.  Millions more were killed by the vaccines.  Very few western politicians do not have blood on their hands.  Only the handful who spoke out are not guilty.  The rest belong in prison.  What they did was intentional and unforgiveable.  That is why they are so desperate that no one finds out.