Rats from a sinking Ship

While Gretchen Whitmer was grudgingly admitting she may have made mistakes half way around the world in Germany the health minister issued a much bigger mea culpa.  Karl Lauterbach has apologized for forcing Germans to take a vaccine that injured thousands of people.

All this has forced Lauterbach to make a spectacular U-turn. In a recent TV interview, he admitted that vaccine-induced injuries are a serious issue, and that his ministry was planning to launch a program to investigate the negative consequences of Covid vaccination and improve care as soon as possible.

Maybe it is just the cynic in me but I have a hard time believing his apology is genuine.  Lauterbach is after all a politician which makes it unlikely that he possesses empathy or shame.  His apology seems like a desperate attempt to avoid blame because he used it to focusing anger on the pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, Lauterbach said that he hopes pharmaceutical companies will voluntarily help to compensate those harmed by the vaccines. “That’s because the profits have been exorbitant”, he said. Just a year ago he had said: “The pharmaceutical companies will not get rich with vaccines”.

Anger is at the root of both apologies.  Whitmer and Lauterbach are both no doubt angry they have lost control of the narrative but it is public anger that drives this.  The tide is turning and both these despicable human beings know it.  After 3 years of abuse and millions of unnecessary deaths the public is finally waking up.  When people finally come to the realization of what politicians did, and why they did it, things could get ugly.


For reasons that I will never personally understand, citizens in 2020 had blind faith in their governments.


Politicians exploited that unearned public trust to reach ideological and financial goals.  Their actions killed people and not a single politician cared until truth started oozing out everywhere.  Now some politicians are working to deflect blame.  In Canada, where politicians never miss an opportunity to sink even lower, Doug Ford is using legislation to shelter his government from responsibility.  He is making it illegal to sue his government.

“What the government is trying to do is place itself beyond the reach of the courts and make it difficult, and in many cases impossible, to sue the government — even when it acts in bad faith or breaches the duties of office,” said Amir Attaran, a law professor at the University of Ottawa.

That last part is interesting isn’t it?  The Ford government cannot be sued “Even when it acts in bad faith or breaches the duties of office”.  Canadian Politics means never have to say you are sorry.  It is pretty damn obvious that Doug Ford knows what he did was wrong.  It is also obvious that he intends to use the power of his office to avoid punishment he so richly deserves.

Western Governments declared war on their own citizens in the spring of 2020.  Apparently it took 3 years and millions of deaths for the citizens to figure out where they were being attacked from.  But all of that has changed.  Each day more people realize that their governments are the enemy.  That means with each day the danger politicians face increases.  Some are already feeling the heat and scrambling for cover.  Don’t let them get away with it.  The guilty must be punished.