The Road to Vaccine Hesitancy

Before the era of COVID stupidity I did not think too much about vaccines.  I had taken vaccines as a child and even some as an adult when I travelled to a country that required some I had not already taken.  I could in no way be described as an anti-vaxxer.  Then COVID happened.

For nearly 12 months my government lied to me about COVID.  I am old enough to be accustomed to the government lying but still I had never seen anything like this.  On almost a daily basis someone in the government or one of their friends in the media lied to me and the lies they told were not small.  They were big, idiotic, ridiculously obvious, lies.  Frankly I was insulted that they thought I might be stupid enough to believe any of it.

All of the lies I was told were purportedly to keep me safe.  That was the biggest lie of all.  Had I chosen to believe any of the lies my health would have been negatively impacted.  Because of the torrent of lies by the time the COVID vaccines came I would not have believed the government even if they told me the sky was blue.  My normal skepticism of government had been elevated to paranoia.

It was evident that the government desperately wanted to inject me.  Given the trajectory of the previous 12 months it was therefore also evident that it would not be good for me.  So I did my own research to determine the size of this new government lie.  As it turned out the COVID vaccines are an enormous lie.  To start, these treatments are not even vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapy with a poor track record when tested on animals.  At best they offered partial temporary protection from a virus that posed almost no risk to me.  At worst they could come with a host of nasty side effects.  It did not seem to be a smart move to take the jab.

My COVID vaccine research came with its own side effects.  I discovered many things about convention vaccines that now make me question any vaccine.  First I discovered the work of Dr. Christine Stabell Benn who showed not all vaccines are helpful.  Live virus vaccines lead to positive health outcomes while dead virus vaccines lead to negative health outcomes.  Then yesterday I found this presentation.


This video seems to contradict Dr. Benn because it shows all vaccines correlate to negative health outcomes, not just dead virus vaccines.  But, this might not necessarily be the right interpretation.  Different countries use different schedules for childhood vaccinations.  There is some evidence that giving too many vaccines too soon can be harmful.

Even the right vaccine might be harmful if given at the wrong time.  So, you might ask, when is the right time to take a COVID vaccine?  Well the simple answer is never due to all the potential severe complications but we can get a different answer if we define the question more narrowly.  At what age is the vaccine less dangerous than COVID if only deaths are considered?  Recent research indicates that the vaccine will kill 1 in every 800 people so your chance of dying from the vax is 0.125%.  According to Dr John Ioannidis you must be at least 50 years old before you chance of dying from COVID is that high.

But even this is misleading.  Research has shown innate immunity is so high for coronaviruses that 80% of unvaccinated people will never get COVID.  So if you factor in the 20% chance of getting COVID only people 60 and older face a COVID risk similar to the vaccine risk (20%*0.501%=0.1002%).

Vaccines have not produced the public health benefit that they have been credited for.  There is even less evidence that COVID vaccines are beneficial but plenty of evidence of the harm they can cause.  They are in fact the most harmful vaccine in history.  The jabs arguably don’t even make sense for seniors who are at the greatest COVID risk.

If they don’t make sense for seniors why the hell are they approved for 6 month old infants?  This is insane.  We are vaccinating infants for a disease they won’t have a problem with for at least the next 60 years.  Stop this madness; do not let the government touch your child.