John Horgan is Unfit for Office

John Horgan and Justin Trudeau got together and agreed that the Charter of rights does not apply.

New Brunswick has closed their borders and that has caused John Horgan to consider ramping up the Tyranny in BC.  Here is what the Carter of rights say about restricting movement of a Canadian.

Mobility rights

Canadian citizens have the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the right to live or seek work anywhere in Canada. Governments in Canada can’t discriminate based on what province someone used to live or currently lives in.

However, laws can set certain rules for when people are able to get social, health and welfare benefits. For example, you may have to live in a particular province for a certain length of time before getting health benefits from that province. Also, provinces with an employment rate below the national average may create programs that are only available to its own socially and economically disadvantaged residents. These programs encourage the residents to stay in the province and contribute to the workforce.

The Charter is clear.  John Horgan can deny you welfare but not access.  Yet here we are.  The prime Moron agrees that there is no reason to follow the charter of rights his own father produced.   For 39 years the Charter of rights was considered the crowning achievement of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Now Justin Trudeau has revealed he thinks the charter is a nuisance and should not apply.

Desperate times call for desperate measures though, right?  I am sure it is way less fun to be Premier if you cannot trample rights during an emergency.  So just how big of an emergency is John Horgan facing?  It is true that cases are rising in BC.  See the plot below.

If you look at the last 2 months you see exactly what I have already discussed for Alberta.  Deaths are no longer following cases.  Here is the period from July 1st to April 14th with cases shifted ahead 17 days to match deaths.

In Alberta deaths followed case identification by 16 days.  In BC it is 17 days.  The 2 curves follow each other perfectly until mid-February.  Cases are now taking off, but deaths are not.  If I look at deaths per 100 cases using the 17-day lag this is what I get.

The surge in cases seems to be from the variants which are more infectious.  They are thankfully way less deadly.  In previous posts I have discussed data from Europe and Canada that shows precisely the same thing.  Cases are rising but deaths are not.  Even the media is starting to notice the variants are not that scary.

Another illustration of how ridiculous a border closure would be is that the surge is already over.  Here is the 7 day % positivity in BC.

The variant surge looks like it peaked one week ago.

Even if the variants were not so benign and already done, closing borders would make very little difference.  The plot below shows that travel accounts for less than 3% of new cases in Canada.

Closing the border will not have much effect on the virus but it will have a large effect on unemployment.  Someone should remind John Horgan that tourism is 10% of BC’s economy employing over 160,000 people.  Forcing unemployment on 160,000 is a small price to pay to keep us safe right?  I am sure it sounds like a great idea if you are not one of the 160,000.

Despite that travel is not a significant problem, and the variants are far less deadly, John Horgan wants to close the border.  He wants to eliminate the charter and throw 160,000 people out of work to solve a problem that does not exist.  John Horgan is either severely mentally handicapped or abjectly evil.  Those are hardly the qualities we should look for in a Premier.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    AHS is going into hospitals and forcing people who work there to get tested at random. Same with schools. Then when they find one positive they ask/force all the people around them to get tested. Has number of tests went up significantly in the past two weeks? I would love to know how many cycles they are running those Fake tests. A lot of people with positives and no symptoms.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    This all started happening as “Cases” started to rise drastically but deaths and hospitalizations are not following.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    Reason cases have risen and not deaths is simple, they are giving us bogus numbers to keep pushing the tyranny on us. Deaths are the most true measuring stick – less deaths means no problem.
    I would love to see an article referring to the number of deaths from covid and number of those under 70 who died “ of” covid that were obese. Nothing worse than some fat ass telling me to put on a mask. My reply to them is : “ Go to the gym fat ass”.

  4. Jason
    Jason says:

    They’re all unfit for office. Anytime you hear Deena speak, she desperately asks you to get tested as soon as possible. I wonder why that is. Number of cases and testing correlate quite well.

  5. jim jones
    jim jones says:

    in all of history it’s always the vaccine that increases the pandemic. right after all the shots hospitalization skyrocketed. also beware “bad batches” they did this to alberta so that traitor kenney would implement vaccine passports and make sure the Conservatives would lose the federal election. the evil Chinese and JEws are behind it all. Jesuits too.

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