Maybe if Chris Sky Killed Someone Justin Could Learn to Love him.

Chris Sky has found himself on a no-fly list.

Omar Kahdr can fly around Canada, but Chris Sky cannot.  Last I checked Terrorists and Airplanes was a very bad combination, yet Transport Canada is OK with Kahdr flying.  Khadr is a convicted felon with a history of bomb making.  Chris Sky has no criminal history but a solid history of quoting the charter of rights.  I am by no means an expert, but I cannot see how truth bombs are more detrimental to airplane operation than actual explosives.

What exactly is the purpose of no-fly lists?  I naively thought they were to keep passengers safe.  Obviously Transport Canada does not give a damn about passenger safety.  Apparently, no fly lists are not to prevent the spread of death and destruction.  They are to prevent the spread of ideas.  Especially truthful ones.

Omar Kahdr can fly because he has never done anything the Trudeau Liberals disagree with.  Chris Sky is another matter.  Justin finds him very disagreeable.

Do you even recognize our country anymore?  Yesterday Jason Kenney rescinded personal rights in Alberta, again.  Concurrently the Trudeau Liberals violated the rights of a Canadian whose only crime is reminding Canadian’s that they should have rights.  I cannot decide if Jason and Justin are ideological soul mates or if Jason is simply a Justin Trudeau fan boy.  Either way it is not a good look.