Jason Kenney is an Evil Bastard

The last shoe dropped yesterday, and it dropped hard.  2 days ago, the old school communist hag that still runs Alberta by proxy through Deena Hinshaw called for another lockdown.  Jason did not disappoint her.

Alberta went back to step 1.  You remember step one; it was supposed to be in effect until we dropped under 600 hospitalizations.  The last time Alberta had 600 hospitalizations was January 25th.  Remind me again why we are back at step 1?

The problem with the old plan was that all we needed to achieve it was spring.  That would leave Jason sitting on millions of doses of vaccine that we do not need.  The mask has finally dropped.  Yesterday Jason finally admitted that his goal is to force us to be vaccinated.

You can see the new plan below.

Each phase of the plan now depends on levels of immunity.  Unless you are going to do antibody and T cell testing, vaccination records are the only way to verify levels of immunity.  Conspicuously absent from the new plan is antibody and T cell testing.

Yesterday Jason came as close to honest as he has ever been in his life.  He is going to force you to take the Vaccine.  Although, he is still not honest about why he is forcing you to take the vaccine.  Jason still wants you to think that he cares about your safety.

The game plan has always been about performing medical experiments on us without our consent.  And now Jason is clear about that.  No one gets their rights back until we all comply.  Jason Kenney is pure evil.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    All I will say is that Jadon Kenney is the gift that keeps on giving. On behalf of all Wildrose members- THANK YOU JASON!!!

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