We are all living in a Monty Python Skit

The Sars COV 2 virus is the smartest virus ever discovered.  The virus has now mutated to a point that it cannot be discovered.

Breton variant causes concern as it may not be easily picked up in tests (irishtimes.com)

This is my favorite line from the article.

Scientists have been examining whether the Breton variant can “hide” from tests, frustrating efforts to track down infections of a disease that is asymptomatic in some carriers.

COVID was always a very tricky disease.  I mean you had to be tested to find out you have it.  Now even if you are tested you could still have it.  You know must rely on the government to tell you whether you are sick.  I think I have seen this before.


I cannot figure out if I am living on the set of Idiocracy or if I am in a Monty Python skit.