Media Covidiot of the Week, Licia Corbella

I saw this article yesterday.

Corbella: Kenney’s COVID hesitancy driven by his fear of splintering the right | Calgary Herald

It is a column by Licia Corbella.  The point she tries to make is that Jason Kenney has been reluctant to impose restrictions because of politics.  She claims that the threat of Alberta separation and Jason Kenney’s own libertarian tendencies have made him drag his feet.  Licia Corbella is a certifiable moron.

Just exactly how is Jason Kenney dragging his feet?  Bars, restaurants, gyms, and personal services are all shut down.  Masks are mandatory and Jason decides who you can have at your house for Christmas.  If this is Jason dragging his feet, how much damage would this evil little Troll do if he was motivated?

Jason Kenney is enacting the same stupid, destructive policies as all the other Premiers in this country. Licia thinks he is different because Jason always says how much he does not like restrictions right before he implements more restrictions.  Licia thinks Jason is a libertarian because he says he is.  Unfortunately, what Jason Kenney says is always the opposite of what he does.

Jason must have read a book on libertarianism; he does know all the right things to say.  That does not make him a libertarian.  A parrot can be taught to repeat words.  Jason Kenney obviously does not believe in the core principles of libertarianism, individual rights and freedoms.  If he really were a libertarian, we would have no restrictions.  We would have spent time and money caring for the sick rather than trampling people rights.  What a radical idea that is.

Licia is correct that Jason must be concerned about his falling poll numbers, but most of the support he has lost has gone to the NDP and not the separatists.  Jason needs to be worried about the freedom crushing communists and not the freedom loving separatists.  Jason is crushing our freedoms now to woo back the people he lost to the NDP.  If he were worried about the separatists, he would be giving us more freedom not less.

The underlying theme of Licia’s column is that if Kenney had acted sooner, Albertans would be better off.  This comes from the false assumption that lockdowns and masks work.  Yesterday I showed a comparison of Alberta to Saskatchewan.   I have reproduced it below along with comparisons to BC and South Dakota.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC had different restrictions imposed at different times.  South Dakota had absolutely no restrictions.  Can you see any difference in any of the curves?  It does not matter what restrictions you impose or when, the arc of the infection is unchanged.  It looks like the virus and I are kindred spirits.  We both have no respect for politicians or the stupid games they play.

Licia is having trouble differentiating between good and bad public policy.  Hopefully, she learns something from the comparisons I presented.  She also seems to have a hard time identifying a libertarian.  That is not surprising since libertarians are a very rare breed.  I think I can Help her with that as well.  Licia, the picture below is of a libertarian.

These pictures below are examples of something that is abundantly common, Left-wing Tyrants.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Jason’s fear of the right splitting is EXACTLY why we should all be fully invested in separation. Let’s not be afraid of the NDP, let’s be afraid of NOT separating. Who wants more of Trudeau, Kenney or Notley? Not me!

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