Placating Evil Never Turns Out Well.

My brother sent me this video this morning.

He urged me to sign the petition.  I told him that I could not.    I can not sign the petition because I can not do anything that legitimizes the lockdowns.  There is no justification for the lockdowns or any of the other ridiculous restrictions.  Anyone who signs this petition is agreeing that the lockdowns are okay if the government sets out criteria to eventually lift them.  Again, this is like asking the person punching you in the face to determine when he wants to stop.

Of course, my brother knows this.  He is just so tired of the lockdowns he is willing to make a deal with the devil to get rid of them.  I suspect many Canadians feel the same as my brother.  They are willing to pretend the lockdowns were necessary if the government agrees to lift them.  This is a mistake.  If you sign this petition you are telling government that it acceptable to eliminate your rights whenever they want.  All they need to do is contrive an emergency.

If you legitimize lockdowns the government will use them again.  Each time they use them the restrictions will get worse.  How do I know this?  We have been to this movie before.  Climate change is another government sponsored “emergency”.

Most people have heard that we have a climate “crisis” and that it is caused by CO2 from burning fossil fuels.  There are a couple pertinent points that almost no one has heard.

  • Mother nature releases CO2 all on her own. Humans make up only 3% of the total CO2 emissions every year.
  • Almost all the predicted warming comes from water vapor not CO2.

The theory is that by increasing total emissions by a paltry 3% we cause a small amount of warming.  That warming causes more evaporation and then water vapor takes over.  Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas, it absorbs way more energy than CO2.  In fact, it competes with CO2 for energy.

This is what makes the theory of anthropogenic green house gas warming so ridiculous.  Once you get the increased water vapor you no longer need CO2.  This means once it warms up it will never cool off.  It is very hard to explain all the ice ages with this theory.  Also, according to the theory once the warming starts you cannot stop it.  This would mean the earth is catastrophically unstable and would have burned up long ago.

Anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is laughable as a theory, but governments and the lunatic left would not let it go.  To placate them everyone finally agreed that yes, it is a problem, and we should do something about it.  We thought if we acknowledged their irrational paranoia of warm weather they would go away.  We were even willing to make some token gestures to keep them happy.

Where did this get us?  Our Prime Moron cancelled 3 pipelines, Canadian courts cancelled the 4th, and creepy Joe the 5th.  We subsidized and fast-tracked windmill projects everywhere.  34 Texans were killed by windmills just last month.  That death toll will be nothing compared to what will happen when Canadians cannot afford to heat their homes due to Justin’s carbon tax.  Playing along with these evil lunatics has disastrous long-term implications.

Politicians are destructive, left wing politicians are often homicidal.  Michelle Rempel like every other Canadian politician is left wing.  She is just not as left as most.  Because she is not extreme left, I used to give her a pass.  I cannot do that anymore.  She is urging us to sign a petition that will guarantee another lockdown.

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