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This is what Truth Sounds Like.

Politician’s lie.  Bureaucrats that work with politicians lie.  Only a fool expects the truth from either.  Even by that low standard though, the last 2 years has been exceptional.  In Alberta the demonic dwarf and wicked witch of the west have spewed nothing but lies to an eager media.  The analogy that comes to mind […]

The Purge of Police Integrity is nearing Completion.

I just finished watching an interview with Corporal Daniel Bulford.  Corporal Bulford is an RCMP officer currently assigned to the Prime Moron’s protective detail.  He is about to be paced on unpaid leave for being un-vaccinated. The interview is quite long.  Most of the interview Corporal Bulford details how he approached his personal vaccine research […]

Politicians are Following the Science, Their Destination is not what you think.

A friend sent me this incredible TED talk from 2018.  Dr. Christine Stabell Benn gives a short presentation of her research results.  Dr. Benn was researching overall health impacts of vaccines.  Her research provided conclusive results that have been ignored because the vaccine debate is such a political mine field. The official narrative is vaccines […]

Canadians are Blind to Vaccine Problems

I had a Friend Ask me why we are not seeing the same problems as England and Israel.  That is a very good question.  How can I claim that the vaccines are causing so much trouble when we don’t see any problems in Canada?  My answer is that right now the problems are obscured by […]

There is no Logic to Vaccine Passports

If the COVID Jabs work then unvaccinated people pose no danger to unvaccinated people and vaccine passports are unnecessary.  The Jab protects people not the piece of paper.  If the COVID jabs do not work then it is no more dangerous to be around unvaccinated than vaccinated.  The distinction is moot therefore Vaccine passports are […]

Vaccine Hesitancy Increases with each Jab.

I know a many people who have been jabbed.  Very few did it because they were concerned about what the virus would do.  The majority got jabbed because they were concerned about what the government would do. The fearful of government group fell in to 2 camps.  One group wanted to avoid travel restrictions and […]

How many Journalists does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

Throughout this fake emergency I have been very critical of the media’s involvement.  None of this would have been possible without media cooperation.  My assumption is that the media is populated with evil, dishonest people.  I may have to change my assessment.  Apparently some are just clueless. https://multipolar-magazin.de/artikel/i-cannot-do-it-anymore It took this German Broadcaster 12 years […]

There is Something Seriously wrong with Canadians, and it is not COVID.

The short video below shows 750 workers at GE walking out over the vaccine mandates.   Breaking Ohio:( Not on MSM ) 750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. 👇 pic.twitter.com/2pXVAT3Io6 — EPSTEIN's SHEET 🧻 (@johnpecco1) October 21, 2021 Obviously not all of these workers are unvaccinated.  Vaccinated […]

Vaccines are Setting the Stage for Lockdowns

I have a friend who is very interested in how the vaccine effectiveness changes with time.  He is constantly updating data and plots for me.  His latest update is very interesting indeed.  He took the English data from the NHS and plotted each successive week as its own series. With each passing week the data […]